Pinocchio Part I C

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Pinocchio Part I C Resimli AnlatımGeppetto was filled with joy. He was walking and dancing in the room. Then he left Pinocchio on the table and began to gather toys for him. ( Pinocchio played with the fire of the candle. Then he burnt his finger. But it didn’t hurt him. However, when Geppetto saw that his finger was burning, he panicked and took Pinocchio in his arms, and ran about the room, looking for water. Then he dipped Pinocchio’s burning finger into the aquarium.

Then they went to bed.

G: Now, close your eyes and go to sleep.

P: Why?

G: Oh, everybody has to sleep. Besides, tomorrow, you have got to go to school.

P: Why?

G: To learn things and get smart.

Then they fell asleep.



Children were going to school. Pinocchio heard them and he got out of the house. He was very excited. He wanted to join the children.

P: Oh, father. Who are those?

G: They are your schoolmates (=school friends)

Then Geppetto gave him an apple and a book and sent him to school.

P: Good bye father.

G: Good bye son. Hurry back.


Two swindlers, Honest John and his friend Gideon were walking on the street. They saw school boys running to school.

HJ: Look Gideon. Innocent children are rushing to school. It is a fountain of knowledge and these children have thirsty little minds.

Then he saw Pinocchio running.

HJ: Look Giddy, look! Amazing. A wooden boy! A live puppet without strings. If we sell him to someone, we can make a fortune.

Then he saw a poster on the wall. It was a poster of Stromboli’s puppet show. ( Honest John thought he could sell the wooden boy to Stromboli. Then they followed Pinocchio along the street. Then Honest John caused Pinocchio to fall down with his cane.

HJ: Oh, I am terribly sorry. I hope you are not injured.

P: I am alright.

HJ: Where are you going, boy?

P: I am going to school.

HJ: School? Then you haven’t heard of the easy road to success.

P: No.

HJ: Bright lights, applause, fame. You will be famous. You are a natural-born actor.

P: But I am going to school.

HJ: No. You are wasting your time. Come. Let’s go to the theatre.

Pinocchio believed him. Then they walked to the theatre. On the way, however, Jiminy found them. He understood that the two men were swindlers and that they were leading Pinocchio astray. He followed and caught them. Then he talked to Pinocchio.

P: Hello Jiminy. I am going to be an actor.

J: Now listen to me boy. Do you remember temptation?

P: Yes I do.

J: Well, that man (Honest John) is temptation.

P: Oh no Jiminy. He is a good man. He is helping me.

J: No. You can’t go with him. Now tell him “Thank you but I can’t go with you.” because you have got to go to school.

P: OK.

Then Pinocchio went up to Honest John.

P: Good bye Jiminy.

J: Good bye. But you are not going to school! Where are you going? Stop Pinocchio. Well, what am I going to tell his father? Well, I will go after him myself.




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#1 Who was Geppetto?

#2 What was Geppetto’s wish?

#3 Why couldn’t Jiminy sleep?

#4 Why did the Blue Fairy give life to Pinocchio?

#5 How could Pinocchio know between right and wrong?

#6 What job did the Blue Fairy give to Jiminy?

#7 Why did Geppetto wake up?

#8 Why did Geppetto pour water on himself?

#9 What was Pinocchio after the Blue Fairy came and left?

#10 Where did Geppetto send Pinocchio the next morning?

#11 What did Honest John want to do with Pinocchio?

#12 Where did Pinocchio go with Honest John?

#13 Why did Pinocchio go with Honest John?