Sleeping Beauty Part VII

15 Temmuz 2017 ile hasan

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Part VII Metin

Now everyone in the castleexcept the three fairies- was happy. They all thought the spell was broken because it was Aurora’s 16th birthday and the sun had set. They were celebrating it and waiting for the princess to come.
The fairies were in the balcony. They saw the celebrations and they were crying.

Fauna: Poor King Stefan and the Queen.

Merryweather: They’ll be heartbroken when they find out.

Flora: They’re not going to (be heartbroken).

Merryweather: They aren’t?

Flora: We’ll put them all to sleep, until Rose awakens. Come!

They flew around the castle and put everyone to sleep so that they would not be heartbroken. ( Before falling asleep, Hubert talked to Flora.

Hubert: Philip has fallen in love with some peasant girl.

Flora: A peasant girl? Who is she? Where did he meet her?

Hubert: Once upon a dream.

Flora understood that it was Aurora, and that Prince Philip had fallen in love with Aurora.

Flora (to the other fairies): Come on, we’ve got to get back to the cottage!

Flora had a good plan. She knew that the prince would go to the cottage to meet Aurora as he thought that she was waiting for him there. Flora was going to get the prince and come back with him to the castle. Then the prince would kiss the princess and the spell would be broken. (Only true love’s kiss could break the spell)

But Maleficent was not a fool. She knew that the spell could be broken if the prince kissed the princess. So she was at the cottage, waiting for him. Then the prince came to the cottage and she caught him and took him to her own castle. She imprisoned him in a dungeon.

Now Maleficent and her servants were celebrating her victory.

Maleficent: (talking to her raven) What a pity prince Phillip can’t be here to enjoy the celebration. Come, we must go to the dungeon and cheer him up.

Then Maleficent went down to the dungeon to talk to the prince. She wanted to make fun of him.

In the meantime, the fairies went to the cottage. They couldn’t find the prince but they understood that Maleficent had caught him. So they also came to the castle. Now they wanted to find the prince. They were following Maleficent.

Maleficent: Oh come now, prince Phillip. Why so melancholy? A wonderful future lies before you. You are the hero of a charming fairy tale.

Then she showed him King Stefan’s castle.

Maleficent: Look at that castle. There is a beautiful girl in it. She is sleeping. She is the peasant girl that you met in the forest yesterday. In fact, she is the princess, your betrothed. ( A hundred years later I will set you free. I will let you go. You will be a very old man. Then you will go to the castle and kiss her. And then you will live happily ever after. Ha ha ha.

The three fairies were watching them through the window. When Maleficent left the dungeon, they went in. They broke the chains, and set the prince free. Then they gave him a shield and a sword.

But the raven saw them. It started screaming. Maleficent’s soldiers heard it. They ran into the dungeon. The fairies and the prince ran to the other side. They got out of the dungeon. The soldiers were throwing stones and arrows at them. But the fairies turned them into bubbles and flowers. The raven was still screaming. It was flying to Maleficent to wake her up. Merryweather was very angry with the bird. She followed the raven and turned it into stone. Now Maleficent heard the noise, woke up. She and came out. She saw that the prince and the fairies were escaping. ( She threw two spells at them but she couldn’t stop them. The prince was riding to the castle. Maleficent was furious. She flew toward the castle and blocked the prince’s way. She transformed herself into a huge dragon. Then the dragon and the prince began to fight. The dragon was very big and powerful. It spitted fire. But the prince was brave. He threw his sword at the dragon and it hit her on the heart. The dragon was dead.


The prince and the fairies went inside the castle. They went up the tower where Aurora was sleeping. The prince kissed her and Aurora woke up.

Other people in the castle also woke up. The Kings Stefan and Hubert resumed their talk as if nothing had happened.

Stefan: Well, what were you saying?

Hubert: I was saying that we are living in the 14th century.

Then Aurora and Phillip appeared arm in arm, walking downstairs. The fairies were watching them from the balcony.


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