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The Cloak Page XVI

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

But who could have imagined that this was not really the end of Akaky Akakiyevich, that he was destined to raise a commotion after death, as if in compensation for his utterly insignificant life? But so it happened, and our poor story unexpectedly gains a fantastic ending. A rumour suddenly spread through St. Petersburg, that […]

The Cloak Page XV

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

Akaky Akakiyevich’s senses failed him. He staggered, trembled in every limb, and, if the porters had not run in to support him, would have fallen to the floor. They carried him out insensible. But the prominent personage, gratified that the effect should have surpassed his expectations, and quite intoxicated with the thought that his word […]

The Cloak Page XIV

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

The manners and customs of the prominent personage were grand and imposing, but rather exaggerated. The main foundation of his system was strictness. “Strictness, strictness, and always strictness!” he generally said; and at the last word he looked significantly into the face of the person to whom he spoke. But there was no necessity for […]

The Cloak Page XIII

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

Akaky Akakiyevich ran home and arrived in a state of complete disorder, his hair which grew very thinly upon his temples and the back of his head all tousled, his body, arms and legs, covered with snow. The old woman, who was mistress of his lodgings, on hearing a terrible knocking, sprang hastily from her […]

The Cloak Page XII

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

All this, the noise, the talk, and the throng of people, was rather overwhelming to Akaky Akakiyevich. He simply did not know where he stood, or where to put his hands, his feet, and his whole body. Finally he sat down by the players, looked at the cards, gazed at the face of one and […]

The Cloak Page XI

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

That whole day was truly a most triumphant festival for Akaky Akakiyevich. He returned home in the most happy frame of mind, took off his cloak, and hung it carefully on the wall, admiring afresh the cloth and the lining. Then he brought out his old, worn-out cloak, for comparison. He looked at it, and […]

The Cloak Page X

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

Petrovich worked at the cloak two whole weeks, for there was a great deal of quilting; otherwise it would have been finished sooner. He charged twelve rubles for the job, it could not possibly have been done for less. It was all sewed with silk, in small, double seams, and Petrovich went over each seam […]

The Cloak Page IX

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

But although he knew that Petrovich would undertake to make a cloak for eighty rubles, still, where was he to get the eighty rubles from? He might possibly manage half. Yes, half might be procured, but where was the other half to come from? But the reader must first be told where the first half […]

The Cloak Page VIII

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

Akaky Akakiyevich went out into the street as if in a dream. “Such an affair!” he said to himself. “I did not think it had come to—” and then after a pause, he added, “Well, so it is! see what it has come to at last! and I never imagined that it was so!” Then […]

The Cloak Page VII

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

“Why is it impossible, Petrovich?” he said, almost in the pleading voice of a child. “All that ails it is, that it is worn on the shoulders. You must have some pieces—” “Yes, patches could be found, patches are easily found,” said Petrovich, “but there’s nothing to sew them to. The thing is completely rotten. […]

The Cloak Page VI

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

Akaky Akakiyevich was vexed at arriving at the precise moment when Petrovich was angry. He liked to order something of Petrovich when he was a little downhearted, or, as his wife expressed it, “when he had settled himself with brandy, the one-eyed devil!” Under such circumstances Petrovich generally came down in his price very readily, […]

The Cloak Page V

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

Akaky Akakiyevich had felt for some time that his back and shoulders were paining with peculiar poignancy, in spite of the fact that he tried to traverse the distance with all possible speed. He began finally to wonder whether the fault did not lie in his cloak. He examined it thoroughly at home, and discovered […]

The Cloak Page IV

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

Even at the hour when the grey St. Petersburg sky had quite disappeared, and all the official world had eaten or dined, each as he could, in accordance with the salary he received and his own fancy; when, all were resting from the department jar of pens, running to and fro, for their own and […]

The Cloak Page III

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

It would be difficult to find another man who lived so entirely for his duties. It is not enough to say that Akaky laboured with zeal; no, he laboured with love. In his copying, he found a varied and agreeable employment. Enjoyment was written on his face; some letters were even favourites with him; and […]

The Cloak Page II

10 Şubat 2019 ile hasan

In this manner did it all come about. We have mentioned it in order that the reader might see for himself that it was a case of necessity, and that it was utterly impossible to give him any other name… When and how he entered the department, and who appointed him, no one could remember. […]

French Revolution Part II

23 Ocak 2019 ile hasan

Fransız Devrimi, sebepleri, gelişimi hakkında bilgiler veren, neredeyse her kelimesi resimlerle açıklanmış, her bölümü hakkında testler bulabileceğiniz bir makale 1791 ve sonrası / A simple English article about the French Revolution. Almost each word is visually explained. The period after 1791 until Napooleon

Keloğlan and His Neighbors

14 Ağustos 2018 ile hasan

Keloğlan’ın karşılaştığı sıradışı fırsatlar ve kötü komşularından çektikleri bol görselli ve animasyonlu anlatımla / The extraordinary opportunities that Keloğlan has and the problems with the vicious neighbors told in simple English with pictures