French Revolution Part II

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Legislative Assembly - Yasama Meclisi
Legislative Assembly – Yasama Meclisi

The Legislative Assembly (1791-1792)

The new Legislative Assembly met for the first time in October 1791. Under the Constitution of 1791, France was a Constitutional Monarchy. The King shared his rule with the Legislative Assembly, but had the power to stop (veto) laws that he did not like. He also had the power to choose ministers.  

The Legislative Assembly had about 745 members. 260 of them were  Constitutional Monarchists. 136 were Girondins and Jacobins (left-wing liberal republicans who did not want a king). The other 345 members were independent, but they voted most often with the left wing.

The Legislative Assembly did not agree very well. The King used his veto to stop laws that would sentence émigrés to death. Because so many of the members of the Assembly were left-wing, they did not like this.

Crisis of Constitution
The people were turning against King Louis XVI. On 10 August 1792, the members of a revolutionary group called the Paris Commune attacked the Tuileries, where the King and Queen were living. The King and Queen were taken prisoner. The Legislative Assembly held an emergency meeting. Even though only a third of the members were there and most of them were Jacobins, they suspended the King from duty.

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