Pinocchio Part II

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Pinokyo hikayesinin basit bir İngilizce’yle anlatımı. / Pinocchio in simple English


Hikaye Metni


After leaving Jiminy, Pinocchio went to Stromboli’s theatre with the swindler Honest John. Stromboli bought Pinocchio from Honest John. Now he was addressing the audience. He was introducing Pinocchio.

S ( Stromboli): Now I am presenting to you something unbelievable. He is a puppet but he can sing and dance without strings. Here is Pinocchio.

Jiminy was also at the theatre. He was watching. He was angry.

And then Pinocchio appeared on the stage. He stumbled and fell on the stage. Everybody was laughing at him. Jiminy was angry.

J: Go on. Make a fool of yourself.

But then Pinocchio sang and danced and people liked it. They applauded Pinocchio and threw coins on the stage because they admired him. Pinocchio was happy. Stromboli was filled with joy because he was making a lot of money. Jiminy was surprised.

J: Hmm, they like him. Maybe I was wrong. Well, I guess he won’t need me anymore.

Then he left the theatre, indignant.


It was dinner time but Geppetto was worried because Pinocchio wasn’t home yet.

G: Where could he be at this hour? I’d better go out again and look for him.

And he went out to look for Pinocchio.


Stromboli was in his caravan. He was having dinner and counting his money. He was also singing. He was very happy.

S (Stromboli): Bravo Pinocchio.

P: They like me.

S: Yes. You are great.

P: So, am I an actor?

S: Sure. I will make you famous.

P: Good. I will go home and tell my father.

S: Home?

P: Yes. I will be back here in the morning.

Stromboli was furious (=very angry). He shut Pinocchio up in a bird’s cage.

S: We will tour the world. Paris, London, İstanbul. And you will make lots of money for me. Then, when you are too old, you will make good fire-wood.

P: No, no. I want to go home; let me out.

Jiminy was outside the caravan. He was sad. He thought that Pinocchio was rich and happy and that he didn’t want him.

J: I’ll just go out of his life quietly.

But then he decided to see Pinocchio and say goodbye to him.

J: I would like to wish him luck.

Then he jumped into the caravan.

J: Hello Pinocchio. It’s me, your old friend. Remember?

P: Oh, Jiminy. I’m glad to see you.

J: But, what happened to you? Why are you in that cage?

And Pinocchio told him what happened.

J: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll get you out of the cage in no time at all.

Then he jumped into the lock. But he couldn’t open it.

J: I think it is rusty.

Pinocchio was regretful. He was crying.

P: I should have listened to you, Jimmy. I should have gone to school.

J: Oh, take it easy, son. Don’t cry. Come on.

Just then they saw the Blue Fairy coming. Pinocchio was panicky because he was ashamed.

P: Oh, what will I tell her?

J: Tell her the truth.

Now Blue Fairy was inside the caravan.

F: Why didn’t you go to school, Pinocchio?

P: Well, I was going to school till I met somebody.

F: Somebody?

P: Yeah. Two big monsters.

Then Pinocchio’s nose grew because this was a lie.

F: Weren’t you afraid of the monsters?

P: No. They tied me in a big sack.

Then the nose grew again.

F: And where was Jiminy?

P: Jiminy? Well, they put him in a little sack.

P: My nose? What has happened?

F: Perhaps you haven’t been telling the truth, Pinocchio?

P: Oh, I have told you the truth. Every single word.

Then his nose grew even bigger.

P: Please help me. I am terribly sorry.

F: Well, you see Pinocchio. A lie keeps growing and growing until it is as plain as the nose on your face.

P: I’ll never lie again.

J: Please forgive him for my sake.

F: I’ll forgive you this once. But remember, this is the last time I can help you.

Then Pinocchio and Jiminy, his conscience, left the caravan.


HJ: And he believed us and he still thinks we are his friends. Ha ha ha. And Stromboli paid us plenty.

C (Coachman): Would you like to make real money?

HJ: Well. For what? Who do we have to kill?

C: I’m collecting stupid little boys.

HJ: Stupid little boys?

C: Yes, those who escape from school. I take them to Pleasure Island. They never come back. Tonight I am going to the island. Meet me at the crossroads. Bring a boy and I will give you money.


Pinocchio and Jiminy were on the way home. Pinocchio looked determined and serious.

P: I will be a good boy. I will go to school. Nothing can stop me now.

J: I hope so. Let’s race home.

And they began to run. Pinocchio was behind. Suddenly Honest John appeared and stopped Pinocchio.

HJ: Hello Pinocchio. What is your rush?

P: I gotta (=have to) beat Jiminy home.

HJ: You have become a great actor, right?

P: I don’t want be an actor.

HJ: Why not?

P: I learnt my lesson.

HJ: Oh poor boy. You must be a nervous wreck (=you have serious psychological problems).

Then Honest John pretended to be a doctor. He examined Pinocchio and then he said,

HJ: You are allergic. And there is only one cure: A vacation on the Pleasure Island.

P: But I can’t go.

HJ: Of course you can. I am giving you my ticket. You have to go. Your health comes first.

So, Honest John persuaded Pinocchio to go to the Pleasure Island.

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