Pinocchio Part II




After leaving Jiminy, Pinocchio went to Stromboli’s theatre with the swindler Honest John. Stromboli bought Pinocchio from Honest John. Now he was addressing the audience. He was introducing Pinocchio.

S ( Stromboli): Now I am presenting to you something unbelievable. He is a puppet but he can sing and dance without strings. Here is Pinocchio.

Jiminy was also at the theatre. He was watching. He was angry.

And then Pinocchio appeared on the stage. He stumbled and fell on the stage. Everybody was laughing at him. Jiminy was angry.

J: Go on. Make a fool of yourself.

But then Pinocchio sang and danced and people liked it. They applauded Pinocchio and threw coins on the stage because they admired him. Pinocchio was happy. Stromboli was filled with joy because he was making a lot of money. Jiminy was surprised.

J: Hmm, they like him. Maybe I was wrong. Well, I guess he won’t need me anymore.

Then he left the theatre, indignant.


It was dinner time but Geppetto was worried because Pinocchio wasn’t home yet.

G: Where could he be at this hour? I’d better go out again and look for him.

And he went out to look for Pinocchio.


Stromboli was in his caravan. He was having dinner and counting his money. ( He was also singing. He was very happy.

S (Stromboli): Bravo Pinocchio.

P: They like me.

S: Yes. You are great.

P: So, am I an actor?

S: Sure. I will make you famous.

P: Good. I will go home and tell my father.

S: Home?

P: Yes. I will be back here in the morning.

Stromboli was furious (=very angry). He shut Pinocchio up in a bird’s cage.

S: We will tour the world. Paris, London, İstanbul. And you will make lots of money for me. Then, when you are too old, you will make good fire-wood.

P: No, no. I want to go home; let me out.

Jiminy was outside the caravan. He was sad. He thought that Pinocchio was rich and happy and that he didn’t want him.

J: I’ll just go out of his life quietly.

But then he decided to see Pinocchio and say good bye to him.

J: I would like to wish him luck.

Then he jumped into the caravan.

J: Hello Pinocchio. It’s me, your old friend. Remember?

P: Oh, Jiminy. I’m glad (=happy) to see you.

J: But, what happened to you? Why are you in that cage?

And Pinocchio told him what happened.



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#1 Why was Jiminy angry with Pinocchio at the theater?

#2 Why was Pinocchio popular at the theatre?

#3 Why was Stromboli happy?

#4 Why did Jiminy say, “Maybe I was wrong”?

#5 Why was Geppetto worried?

#6 Why did Jiminy go to Stromboli’s caravan?

#7 Why was Stromboli angry with Pinocchio?

#8 Who saved Pinocchio from Stromboli?

#9 Why did Pinocchio’s nose grow?

#10 What did the coachman want Honest John to do?

#11 Where was Pinocchio going when he met Honest John again?

#12 How did Honest John persuade Pinocchio to go to the Pleasure Island?