Pinocchio Part III


Pinocchio was on the way to the Pleasure Island with other boys. He was talking to one of the boys, Lampwick.

L (Lampwick): Have you ever been to Pleasure Island?

P (Pinocchio ): No, never.

L: They say it is a wonderful place. No school. No cops (=police). There is plenty to eat, plenty to drink. And it’s all free.

Then they arrived at the Pleasure Island. The children were filled with joy. They were given a lot of food and drink. It was all free.

L: Let’s hit somebody on the nose.

P: Why?

L: Just for fun.

And Pinocchio followed Lampwick. Jiminy had lost Pinocchio. He was looking for him in the crowd.

J (Jiminy): I feel that there is something wrong with this. I gotta (=have got to) get Pinocchio out of here.

The children in the island were also given cigarettes for free. Then they were shown a house. It was a house for destruction. Children could destroy it. It was also free. Pinocchio seemed quite happy with all these.

P: Being bad is a lot of fun, isn’t it?


The coachman turned to his men:

C (coachman): Now shut the doors and lock the boys.

Now it was midnight. Jiminy was still looking for Pinocchio. There was no one around.

J: Where is everybody? The place is like a graveyard. Pinocchio, where are you?

Pinocchio was with Lampwick. They were playing billiards.

P: Where do you suppose (=think) all the boys went to? (Where are the other boys?)

L: They are around here somewhere. What do you care? You are having a good time, ain’t you?

P: Sure. I am having a good time.