Mercury and the Woodman


A woodman was cutting a tree beside a river. Suddenly his axe flew out of his hands and fell into the water. While he was standing by the river and crying for his loss, Mercury appeared and asked, “Why are you so sad? What is the problem?”. The woodman told him what happened. Mercury pitied him and dived into the water. Then he brought a golden axe out of water and asked, “Is this your axe?”. The woodman said that it wasn’t his axe. Then Mercury dived again and this time he brought a silver axe and asked, “Is this your axe?”. The woodman said it wasn’t. Once more Mercury dived into the water and this time he brought the woodman’s axe. The woodman was very happy to find his axe and he thanked Mercury. The latter was very pleased with the woodman’s honesty and he made him a present of the golden and the silver axes. When the woodman told his friends the story, one of them envied him and decided to try his luck with Mercury. So he went to the riverside and began cutting a tree and let his axe fall into the water. That was a trick, of course. Mercury appeared again and wanted to help him too. He dived and brought a golden axe. The man immediately jumped and said “That is mine, that is mine!” Mercury was disgusted with his dishonesty. So, he didn’t give the man the golden axe. Nor did he give him his real axe. (=So, he lost his own axe, too)
Honesty is the best policy.


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#1 What was the woodman doing beside the river?

#2 What happened to the woodman’s axe?

#3 Why did Mercury want to help the woodman?

#4 How many axes did Mercury bring to the woodman?

#5 Which axe did the woodman claim??claim = hak iddia etmek

#6 Why did Mercury give the woodman three axes?

#7 Why did the woodman’s friend go to the river?

#8 Why was Mercury angry with the woodman’s friend?



Pinocchio Part III D


Pinocchio Part III D Resimli AnlatımPinocchio called out “Father, father” and Geppetto understood that Pinocchio was there. He was very happy. Then he saw Pinocchio’s donkey ears and he was very surprised. Pinocchio didn’t understand why Geppetto was surprised.
P: What’s the matter?
G: Your ears?
Pinocchio laughed.
P: That is nothing. I got a tail too. Ha ha ha.
But when he was laughing, his voice became a donkey’s voice.
G: Pinocchio, what happened to you?
Pinocchio couldn’t answer this question.
G: Never mind now. I have my little wooden boy and that is enough.
P: Father, we have to get out of here.
G: I tried every way Pinocchio, but it is useless. I even built a raft but it doesn’t work.
P: A raft? That’s it. We can use it to get out.
G: No, my son. When the whale opens its mouth, everything comes in. Nothing goes out. Now let’s make a fire and cook some of the fish.
P: A fire? A big fire. And lots of smoke. We’ll make him sneeze.
Then they made a big fire and the whale sneezed. So, they got out. But Monstro saw them and he was very angry. So he chased them. They tried to escape. Monstro hit the raft with its huge tail and destroyed it. Pinocchio saved Geppetto. But he couldn’t save himself. Pinocchio was dead. Then they went home. Geppetto was crying. Pinocchio was lying on the bed. He was dead. Now Pinocchio had proved himself brave, truthful and unselfish. He could become a real boy. The Blue Fairy said, “Awake!” and Pinocchio woke up. He was alive and he was a real boy.
P: What are you crying for, father?
G: Because you are dead, Pinocchio.
P: No, I am alive and a real boy!



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#1 Why did children like the Pleasure Island?

#2 Why did the Coachman take the children to the Pleasure Island?

#3 Where did all the donkeys come from?

#4 What happened to Pinocchio’s friend Lampwick?

#5 Where was Geppetto when Pinocchio returned?

#6 Who was Monstro?

#7 How did they get out of the whale?

#8 Why did the Blue Fairy make Pinocchio a real boy?


Pinocchio Part III C


Pinocchio Part III C Resimli AnlatımLampwick became a donkey (=jackass). Pinocchio had donkey’s ears and donkey’s tail. He was very afraid. Then Jiminy came in. He and Pinocchio ran away from the island. Then they went to Geppetto’s home. They knocked the door but no one opened it. Then Jiminy looked inside. There was no one in the house.
J: Look. They are gone.
Then they received a message.
P: What does it say?
J: Geppetto went looking for you. Then he was swallowed by a whale named Monstro.
P: Is he dead?
J: No, he is alive. He is inside the whale at the bottom of the sea.
Then Pinocchio started running.
J: Where are you going?
P: I am going to find him.
J: Are you crazy? He is in a whale.
P: I’ve got to go to him.
Then Pinocchio jumped into the sea. Jiminy followed him. They were at the bottom of the sea. They asked some fish where Monstro was. But when the fish heard the name Monstro, they were scared and they disappeared. Pinocchio and Jiminy kept searching.
Geppetto and his pets were inside the whale Monstro. They were hungry.
G: We are starving to death in the belly of a whale. There isn’t a fish left.
Then the whale woke up and hunted for fish. A lot of fish came into the whale. Geppetto was happy. He prepared to catch some fish. Then the whale swallowed Pinocchio, too. Geppetto caught Pinocchio like a fish but he didn’t recognize it.


Pinocchio Part III B


Pinocchio Part III B Resimli AnlatımThen Jiminy walked in. He was shocked to see Pinocchio playing billiards and smoking. He was very angry.
J: Pinocchio! How do you expect to be a real boy? You are smoking and playing pool (=billiards). You are coming right home with me this minute!
Lampwick caught Jiminy and held him up in the air.
L: Who is this beetle?
P: He’s my conscience. He tells me what’s right and wrong.
L: What? You take orders from a grasshopper?
Jiminy was very angry with Lampwick.
J: You young hoodlum. Now I will beat you.
P: Oh, don’t hurt him, Jiminy. He is my best friend.
J: Best friend? And what am I? Just your conscience? Now I am going. This is the end.
And he left.
Now Jiminy was walking on the street. Then he heard a sound. He looked for it. He found that there were a lot of donkeys. They were being loaded on ships.
J: Where did all the donkeys come from?
The coachman was speaking to a donkey.
C: And what is your name?
The donkey couldn’t speak.
C: OK, you will do. I can sell you too.
And he kicked the little donkey into the ship. Then another donkey came.
C: What is your name?
Donkey: Alexander.
C: So, you can talk.
Donkey: Yes sir. And I wanna (=want to) go home to my mama.
C (to his men): He can still talk. Take him back.
Donkey: Please, please! I don’t wanna be a donkey.
C: Quiet! You boys have had fun. Now pay for it.
Now Jiminy understood that Coachman turned the boys into donkeys and sold them to salt mines and circuses. Jiminy ran back to Pinocchio.


Pinocchio Part II C


Pinocchio Part II C Resimli AnlatımTHE SWINDLERS
Honest John and Gideon were at an inn, drinking and singing. John was talking to the coachman. He was talking about Pinocchio.
HJ: And he believed us and he still thinks we are his friends. Ha ha ha. And Stromboli paid us plenty.
C (Coachman): Would you like to make real money?
HJ: Well. For what? Who do we have to kill?
C: I’m collecting stupid little boys.
HJ: Stupid little boys?
C: Yes, those who escape from school. I take them to Pleasure Island. They never come back. Tonight I am going to the island. Meet me at the crossroads. Bring a boy and I will give you money.
Pinocchio and Jiminy were on the way home. Pinocchio looked determined and serious.
P: I will be a good boy. I will go to school. Nothing can stop me now.
J: I hope so. Let’s race home.
And they began to run. Pinocchio was behind. Suddenly Honest John appeared and stopped Pinocchio.
HJ: Hello Pinocchio. What is your rush?
P: I gotta (=have to) beat Jiminy home.
HJ: You have become a great actor, right?
P: I don’t want be an actor.
HJ: Why not?
P: I learnt my lesson.
HJ: Oh poor boy. You must be a nervous wreck (=you have serious psychological problems).
Then Honest John pretended to be a doctor. He examined Pinocchio and then he said,
HJ: You are allergic. And there is only one cure: A vacation on the Pleasure Island.
P: But I can’t go.
HJ: Of course you can. I am giving you my ticket. You have to go. Your health comes first.
So, Honest John persuaded Pinocchio to go to the Pleasure Island.



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#1 Why was Jiminy angry with Pinocchio at the theater?

#2 Why was Pinocchio popular at the theatre?

#3 Why was Stromboli happy?

#4 Why did Jiminy say, “Maybe I was wrong”?

#5 Why was Geppetto worried?

#6 Why did Jiminy go to Stromboli’s caravan?

#7 Why was Stromboli angry with Pinocchio?

#8 Who saved Pinocchio from Stromboli?

#9 Why did Pinocchio’s nose grow?

#10 What did the coachman want Honest John to do?

#11 Where was Pinocchio going when he met Honest John again?

#12 How did Honest John persuade Pinocchio to go to the Pleasure Island?


Pinocchio Part II B


Pinocchio Part II B Resimli AnlatımAnd Pinocchio told him what happened.
J: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll get you out of the cage in no time at all.
Then he jumped into the lock. But he couldn’t open it.
J: I think it is rusty.
Pinocchio was regretful. He was crying.
P: I should have listened to you, Jimmy. I should have gone to school.
J: Oh, take it easy, son. Don’t cry. Come on.
Just then they saw the Blue Fairy coming. Pinocchio was panicky because he was ashamed.
P: Oh, what will I tell her?
J: Tell her the truth.
Now Blue Fairy was inside the caravan.
F: Why didn’t you go to school, Pinocchio?
P: Well, I was going to school till I met somebody.
F: Somebody?
P: Yeah. Two big monsters.
Then Pinocchio’s nose grew because this was a lie.
F: Weren’t you afraid of the monsters?
P: No. They tied me in a big sack.
Then the nose grew again.
F: And where was Jiminy?
P: Jiminy? Well, they put him in a little sack.
The nose grew bigger. It looked like the branch of a tree and there was a bird nest at the end of it.
P: My nose? What has happened?
F: Perhaps you haven’t been telling the truth, Pinocchio?
P: Oh, I have told you the truth. Every single word.
Then his nose grew even bigger.
P: Please help me. I am terribly sorry.
F: Well, you see Pinocchio. A lie keeps growing and growing until it is as plain as the nose on your face.
P: I’ll never lie again.
J: Please forgive him for my sake.
F: I’ll forgive you this once. But remember, this is the last time I can help you.
Then Pinocchio and Jiminy, his conscience, left the caravan.


Pinocchio Part I C

PART I A       PART I B      PART I C

Pinocchio Part I C Resimli AnlatımGeppetto was filled with joy. He was walking and dancing in the room. Then he left Pinocchio on the table and began to gather toys for him. ( Pinocchio played with the fire of the candle. Then he burnt his finger. But it didn’t hurt him. However, when Geppetto saw that his finger was burning, he panicked and took Pinocchio in his arms, and ran about the room, looking for water. Then he dipped Pinocchio’s burning finger into the aquarium.

Then they went to bed.

G: Now, close your eyes and go to sleep.

P: Why?

G: Oh, everybody has to sleep. Besides, tomorrow, you have got to go to school.

P: Why?

G: To learn things and get smart.

Then they fell asleep.



Children were going to school. Pinocchio heard them and he got out of the house. He was very excited. He wanted to join the children.

P: Oh, father. Who are those?

G: They are your schoolmates (=school friends)

Then Geppetto gave him an apple and a book and sent him to school.

P: Good bye father.

G: Good bye son. Hurry back.


Two swindlers, Honest John and his friend Gideon were walking on the street. They saw school boys running to school.

HJ: Look Gideon. Innocent children are rushing to school. It is a fountain of knowledge and these children have thirsty little minds.

Then he saw Pinocchio running.

HJ: Look Giddy, look! Amazing. A wooden boy! A live puppet without strings. If we sell him to someone, we can make a fortune.

Then he saw a poster on the wall. It was a poster of Stromboli’s puppet show. ( Honest John thought he could sell the wooden boy to Stromboli. Then they followed Pinocchio along the street. Then Honest John caused Pinocchio to fall down with his cane.

HJ: Oh, I am terribly sorry. I hope you are not injured.

P: I am alright.

HJ: Where are you going, boy?

P: I am going to school.

HJ: School? Then you haven’t heard of the easy road to success.

P: No.

HJ: Bright lights, applause, fame. You will be famous. You are a natural-born actor.

P: But I am going to school.

HJ: No. You are wasting your time. Come. Let’s go to the theatre.

Pinocchio believed him. Then they walked to the theatre. On the way, however, Jiminy found them. He understood that the two men were swindlers and that they were leading Pinocchio astray. He followed and caught them. Then he talked to Pinocchio.

P: Hello Jiminy. I am going to be an actor.

J: Now listen to me boy. Do you remember temptation?

P: Yes I do.

J: Well, that man (Honest John) is temptation.

P: Oh no Jiminy. He is a good man. He is helping me.

J: No. You can’t go with him. Now tell him “Thank you but I can’t go with you.” because you have got to go to school.

P: OK.

Then Pinocchio went up to Honest John.

P: Good bye Jiminy.

J: Good bye. But you are not going to school! Where are you going? Stop Pinocchio. Well, what am I going to tell his father? Well, I will go after him myself.




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#1 Who was Geppetto?

#2 What was Geppetto’s wish?

#3 Why couldn’t Jiminy sleep?

#4 Why did the Blue Fairy give life to Pinocchio?

#5 How could Pinocchio know between right and wrong?

#6 What job did the Blue Fairy give to Jiminy?

#7 Why did Geppetto wake up?

#8 Why did Geppetto pour water on himself?

#9 What was Pinocchio after the Blue Fairy came and left?

#10 Where did Geppetto send Pinocchio the next morning?

#11 What did Honest John want to do with Pinocchio?

#12 Where did Pinocchio go with Honest John?

#13 Why did Pinocchio go with Honest John?


Pinocchio Part I B

PART I A       PART I B      PART I C

Pinocchio Part I B Resimli AnlatımJ (Jiminy): Conscience is that small voice inside you. It tells you what is right and what is wrong. When you do wrong, it warns you. But people don’t listen to it.

P: Are you my conscience?

J (surprised): No, I am not.

F: Would you like to be Pinocchio’s conscience?

J: Uh, well.

Then the fairy touched Jiminy with the magic wand;

F: Now you are Pinocchio’s conscience. You will help him when there is temptation. You will be his guide along the straight and narrow path.

F (to Pinocchio): Now, remember, Pinocchio, be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide.

P: Good bye my lady.

Now, Jiminy and Pinocchio were alone. Jiminy wanted to teach Pinocchio.

J: Now, you see, the world is full of temptations.

P: Temptations?

J: Yep. Temptations are the wrong things that seem right at the time.

Pinocchio didn’t understand him but he said,

P: I’m gonna (=going to) do right.

J: and I’m gonna help you. Whenever you need me, just whistle.

While singing and dancing, Pinocchio stepped into two buckets and fell down. He caused a lot of noise and woke up Geppetto.

G: Who is there?

P: It’s me.

Then Geppetto was very afraid. He thought there was a stranger in the room. He got out of the bed. He took a candle and began to look for the stranger. Then Pinocchio appeared.

P: Here I am.

G: Oh… Pinocchio. But this can’t be real. I think I am dreaming in my sleep.

Geppetto couldn’t believe it. He poured a whole jug of water on himself. Then he went back to Pinocchio.

G: Well, say something.

P: You are funny. Do it again.

G: You talk. This is real.

P: Yes, the Blue Fairy came.  She gave me life. She also gave me a conscience. Someday I am going to be a real boy.

Now Geppetto believed it. He was very happy.
G: A real boy. It was my wish. It has come true.
Then he showed Pinocchio to Figaro and Cleo. He was filled with joy.


Nutcracker Part II


Nutcracker Resimli

Clara began to cry and uncle Drosselmeyer saw it. He repaired it with a magical handkerchief.

Then the guests left. And then everybody went to bed. Clara slept with the nutcracker in her arms. Then the clock struck midnight, and Clara woke up. Her nutcracker was not there.

She went downstairs and she heard a sound from the dining room. Slowly and carefully she opened the door. She blinked because she saw an army of mice in the room.

The Mouse-king was at the head of the army. They were walking towards the nutcracker.

At the same time, her brother’s toy box opened and the toy soldiers came out of the box.

The Mouse-king drew his sword. ( The Nutcracker drew his sword and the fight began.

Then Clara saw that the Mouse-king was about to kill the Nutcracker.

She threw her slipper at the Mouse-king and the slipper hit him on the head.

Suddenly, the room was full of light and Clara closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the Nutcracker. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

The nutcracker had become a prince. The nutcracker prince thanked her.

He said, “Clara, you saved my life. Thank you.”

She couldn’t speak because she was surprised.

Then the prince told her his story

“Many years ago, the Mouse-King turned me into a wooden soldier with an evil spell and now I can return to my own country”

–Your own country? What country is that?

-I am the prince of the Land of Sweets and I shall take you to my country because you saved my life.

Then the prince took her to his country. They flew over roofs and trees. They flew and flew. Then they landed. It was an enchanted wonderland. At the magical castle there was a ball in honor of the prince’s return. In the centre of the room, there was a beautiful fairy princess. Her dress was the color of roses and she was wearing beautiful diamonds around her neck.

Then she met Clara

She said, “Thank you very much, Clara. You bring our prince back home. Tonight, you are our guest of honor.”

Clara was amazed by marshmallow cushions and gingerbread tables. She loved the dancing of the tiny dolls with their flutes. But most of all, she loved the dancing of the fairy

Then the prince and Clara danced. After the dance, the prince kissed her on the cheek.


And Clara closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes she was back at home, lying on her bed. It was the Christmas morning.

There was the smell of delicious breakfast and the presents were waiting for her.

Clara knew that the Nutcracker was not at home because he was in his Land of Sweets now.

And she lived happily ever after…



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#1 Why was there music in the house?

#2 Who was Uncle Drosselmeyer?

#3 What did the children do while waiting for Uncle Drosselmeyer?

#4 What present did Uncle Drosselmeyer bring for Franz?

#5 Why was the nutcracker broken?

#6 Where did Clara find the nutcracker after midnight?

#7 Who was the nutcracker fighting?

#8 How did Clara help the nutcracker?

#9 Why did the prince thank Clara?