Hansel and Gretel Part II

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Hansel & Gretel
Hansel and Gretel were on the ground. They were scared because the owner of the house, an old woman, was there. The old woman opened the window. She was smiling.

OW (Old Woman): I like eating sweets, too.

The children were not afraid anymore. She looked like a good old woman. Then she invited them.

OW: Why don’t you come inside and make a sweet old lady happy?

The children accepted the invitation.

H: Let’s go inside!

G: Let’s go. She is a sweet old lady.

They went into the house. The old woman gave them a lot of food. They were delighted (=very happy).

G: I have never seen such a wonderful feast in my entire life.

OW: Please eat, children. Don’t be shy.

G: Oh Hansel, it is all so wonderful. I really like it here.

G: Thank you sweet old lady. Can we do anything for you?

OW: How very sweet of you. I need a  helper on the place. My eyes are very weak. Stay here tonight. There are a lot of rooms. And tomorrow I will make you even more delicious things to eat.

Then Hansel and Gretel went to bed. At midnight, Hansel woke up. He saw shadows from under the door. Then he got up and walked towards the door. (www.bebekce.gen.tr) He looked through the keyhole. He saw that the old lady was sitting in a chair with a beautiful bird. He was surprised because that bird was the same beautiful bird in the forest.

The old lady was reading a magic book. Then she touched the bird and it became a bat. And then it disappeared. The old woman felt Hansel’s smell. And the woman’s ears grew bigger. Hansel knew that she was a witch.