Hansel and Gretel Part II

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Hansel ve Gretel 2. Bölüm Hikaye Metni

Hansel and Gretel were on the ground. They were scared because the owner of the house, an old woman, was there. The old woman opened the window. She was smiling.

OW (Old Woman): I like eating sweets, too.

The children were not afraid anymore. She looked like a good old woman. Then she invited them.

OW: Why don’t you come inside and make a sweet old lady happy?

The children accepted the invitation.

H: Let’s go inside!

G: Let’s go. She is a sweet old lady.

They went into the house. The old woman gave them a lot of food. They were delighted (=very happy).

G: I have never seen such a wonderful feast in my entire life.

OW: Please eat, children. Don’t be shy.

G: Oh Hansel, it is all so wonderful. I really like it here.

G: Thank you sweet old lady. Can we do anything for you?

OW: How very sweet of you. Stay here tonight. There are a lot of rooms. And tomorrow I will make you even more delicious things to eat.

Then Hansel and Gretel went to bed. At midnight, Hansel woke up. He saw shadows from under the door. Then he got up and walked towards the door. (www.bebekce.gen.tr) He looked through the keyhole. He saw that the old lady was sitting in a chair with a beautiful bird. He was surprised because that bird was the same beautiful bird in the forest.

The old lady was reading a magic book. Then she touched the bird and it became a bat. And then it disappeared. The old woman felt Hansel’s smell. And the woman’s ears grew bigger. Hansel knew that she was a witch.

H: Please help. The woman is a witch.


Hansel turned back in fear. He woke Gretel.

H: Wake up. We’ve got to flee. That woman is a witch. Hurry.

They tried to open the window.

G: It’s no use. It won’t open

Then the witch opened the door

OW: You’ve had your feast. Not it’s my turn.

Hansel grabbed a pillow and hit the witch with it. The witch couldn’t see anything. Witches are bad at seeing. She ran after the children. They climbed onto the roof. The witch found them by smelling.

OW: Something smells very delicious.

Witches are good at smelling. Then she flew toward the children.

OW: Give in. You haven’t got a chance.

Hansel tried to throw a big strawberry at the witch. But with her magic, the witch turned the strawberry into a toad. Then the witch brought down the house and the children were on the ground.

OW: There is no end to my power.

Then they started running. But a big magic wall rose from the ground in front of them. Now they had nowhere to run. Hansel thought he could save Gretel. He told her to run away and then shouted at the witch.

H: Catch me if you can.
The witch threw her magic stick at Gretel and caught her.

Hansel attacked the witch with a stick but she caught it. She was surprised because she thought she was holding Hansel’s arm. But it was a stick.

OW: Haa! What a bony arm.

She thought Hansel was skinny (not fat). She didn’t like it. She locked Hansel in a cell.

OW: I prefer my little children nice and fatBefore I put you in the boiling water I have got to make you fat.

OW (to Gretel): You will be my servant. Now go and bring water

Poor Gretel went to the well to get water. The witch gave a lot food to Hansel because she wanted him to be a fat boy.

One month later the witch thought, “Hansel must be a fat boy now.”

She went up to Hansel’s cell. She said, “Let me feel your finger.

Hansel looked at his finger. It was not thin because he had been eating a lot. Then he made a clever plan. Instead of his finger, he gave the witch a thin bone. The witch felt the bone. She thought that she was touching Hansel’s finger. She was very angry and disappointed because it was very thin and hard. She gave him more foodShe said, “You had better eat a lot and get fat quickly.”

Hansel was laughing because the witch didn’t understand the truth and gave him more food.

Meanwhile Gretel found some tools. She took them to Hansel. Hansel was happy to have them because with these tools he could break the door. He said, “What a clever idea that is.
Meanwhile, the witch was sleeping. She was snoring. The children were cutting the iron bars. The witch heard the noise and woke up. She went to the cell.

Gretel hid behind the cell. The witch said, “What is that smell? You are hiding Gretel.

Hansel whispered to Gretel, “Run Gretel.” Gretel was hopeless. She said, “It’s no use, Hansel. There is no place to run to.The old woman heard them speaking. She said, “Now you are using your head. There is no escape, is there?

Hansel grabbed the witch’s skirt and pulled her down. She fell down and Hansel caught her throat with his arm.

OW: Let go my throat
H: I won’t let you eat my sister.

Then she felt his arm. She was surprised because his arm was not thin and hard but it was fat and soft.

OW: Is that your arm?

Hansel was so afraid that he let go of her throat. Now she knew the truth.

H: She is going to eat me.
OW: You play tricks, eh?

The witch was very angry. She became a monster. Then the she went into the house with Gretel

A big pot was boiling on the fire. She was going to cook Hansel in this pot.

OW: Is the oven ready?

Meanwhile Hansel broke the iron bars with the tools and got out of the cell. When Hansel opened the door the witch was about to throw Gretel into the oven..

OW: With pleasure!

The monster wanted to catch Hansel and flew toward him. But she was going too fast. Hansel suddenly escaped from before her. She could not stop and flew into the oven. Gretel closed and locked the oven door. Now the monster was inside the oven. It was hitting the oven door and trying to get out. Hansel and Gretel got out of the house.

H: It’s all over now.

They watched the flames. The monster was dead. The children were leaning against a big wall. Suddenly the wall disappeared and they fell down into the river. Next morning, the children woke up in a river. There were swans around them.

H: We are at home.
G: A nightmare is over.

Then they met their father. He was very happy to see his children.

Father: My children are back.
H: Where is stepmother?
F: Your stepmother left us. But this is good for us. My marrying her was a big mistake.
F: The good news is we are going to have a good harvest because of the rains.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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