A Tragedy


Ahmet wanted to go to İstanbul. However, he didn’t have any money. So, he decided to hitchhike (otostop) to İstanbul. He stood beside the road and waited for a car to take him. Then, a Mercedes stopped by. The driver got out of the car and asked, “Where?”

Ahmet: I want to go to İstanbul. Can you take me there, please?

Driver: OK, come in.

And they got in the car. Then they went. On the way, they talked about their lives.

Ahmet: You are driving a Mercedes. You must be a rich man.

Driver: No, I am not rich. This is not my car. I am only the driver. My boss is in İstanbul and I am going there to meet him. Why are you going to İstanbul?

Ahmet: I am a university student.

Driver: Really? What are you studying?

Ahmet: I am studying medicine.

Driver: Then you will be a doctor. Perhaps one day you will help me.

Ahmet: Perhaps.
They were quite near İstanbul. (www.bebekce.gen.tr) Ahmet realized that the driver had fallen asleep. Ahmet panicked and wanted to wake up the driver. He screamed, “Wake up, wake up. We’re going to have an accident.” The driver woke up but he panicked, too. He stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. They hit the car in front of them. Both Ahmet and the driver died then and there.


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#1 Why did Ahmet hitchhike?

#2 “He stood beside the road and waited for a car to take him. ” Who is “him”?

#3 Why did Ahmet think that the driver was a rich man?

#4 Was the driver a rich man?

#5 Why was Ahmet going to İstanbul?

#6 Why was the driver going to İstanbul?

#7 What was Ahmet’s “future” job?

#8 Why did Ahmet panic?

#9 Why did the driver step on the accelerator, and not the brake?

#10 “They hit the car in front of them.” Who are “them”?

#11 “I am going there to meet him.” Who is “him”?