Hansel and Gretel Part I

17 Temmuz 2017 ile hasan

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Hikaye Metni

ONCE UPON A TIME, in a far away country, there was a BAD HARVEST.
There was not enough food. There was hunger.
A woodcutter was in search of wheat for his family. He returned home sadly because he couldn’t find food for his family.

W (Woodcutter): The fields are empty. There is no wheat. We can’t find food.

I don’t know what to do.

SM (StepMother): I don’t want to die of hunger. We can take the children to the forest and leave them there.


SM: I was only joking.

W: You do your business and I do my business. Somehow I will find food to fill our stomachs. And if I don’t, we’ll all starve together.

The next morning the Stepmother and the children went to the forest. The stepmother wanted to leave the children in the forest. She wanted them to get lost so that she would have enough food for herself. Hansel knew of his stepmother’s plan. He dropped stones on the way. He and his sister would find home in the evening by following these stones.

H (Hansel): Where are we going, stepmother?

SM: We’re on our way to look for wild strawberries. And I want you to help me. So be quiet

H: We are very tired. Let’s rest here before we go on
SM: Quit whining! I know those strawberries are around here somewhere. And I am going to go and find them. You wait here

H: Very well stepmother.

The stepmother left them in the forest. Hansel and Gretel waited. The sun set. (www.bebekce.gen.tr) But the stepmother didn’t come back. Brother and sister were ALONE in the forest. Then the moon rose and Hansel was happy BECAUSE under the moonlight, they could see the stones.

Hansel showed Gretel the stones. he said, “I made a trail of these rocks that I picked up in the garden

Then they ran back home. Their stepmother was surprised but she was unhappy. She didn’t expect them back home.

H & G: We’re BACK

SM: I don’t understand this. How did you find your way home? I was worried about you. Did you bring back any strawberries?

H: No. we were too busy finding our way back home

SM: Now as your punishment you won’t get any supper. Go to bed!!

Next morning

SM: Are you going to sleep all day?
They went to the forest again. The stepmother’s plan was the same. She would leave them in the forest and they would never come back home. While walking, Hansel dropped pieces of bread on the way because he knew the stepmother’s plan. (www.bebekce.gen.tr) They could find the way home again by following the pieces of bread. Then, when they were deep in the forest, their stepmother left them again. But this time Hansel were Gretel were not worried because Hansel had marked the way with the loaf of bread.

H: I marked the way with the loaf of bread

However, a bird appeared and ate the pieces of bread. Hansel and Gretel were shocked.

Hansel ran towards the bird.

H: What are you doing? You thief!

But it was not just one bird. There were a lot of birds and they ate all the bread. The children started running.


The night fell.

H: I’m very hungry

G: I am beginning to shiver from the cold

In the meantime, father had returned home. And he had brought food.

W: I’m back early. Where are the children?

SM: I don’t know. Oh, husband, I have been so worried about them.

The woodcutter was very angry

W: You are a wicked woman. WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN?
SM: Husband I’m sorry.

Father went out to look for the children


Meanwhile, it was still raining. Hansel and Gretel fell into the river

G: Hansel, save me!


The next morning,

It was not raining now. It was a sunny day and birds were singing.

Hansel woke up. Gretel was still sleeping

H: Gretel, wake up. We are alive.

They saw a beautiful bird in the sky

G: Hansel, look at that bird. Isn’t it beautiful?

H: He wants us to follow

And they followed the bird. Then they found a beautiful house in the forest

G: What a beautiful house, Hansel

They were both amazed because it was a candy house. They wanted to have just one little bite.

But they ate many big bites. Then they saw that old woman was walking towards them. They were very afraid.

OW (old woman): Who is there?!


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