Hansel and Gretel Part I

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Hansel and Gretel
ONCE UPON A TIME, in a far off country, there was a BAD HARVEST.
There was not enough food. There was hunger.
A woodcutter was in search of wheat for his family. He returned home sadly because he couldn’t find food for his family.

W (Woodcutter): The fields are empty. There is no wheat. We can’t find food.

I don’t know what to do.

SM (StepMother): I don’t want to die of hunger. We can take the children to the forest and leave them there.


SM: I was only joking.

W: You do your business and I do my business. Somehow I will find food to fill our stomachs. And if I don’t, we’ll all starve together.

People die of hunger = people starve

The next morning the Stepmother and the children went to the forest. The stepmother wanted to leave the children in the forest. She wanted them to get lost so that she would have enough food for herself. Hansel knew of his stepmother’s plan. He dropped stones on the way. He and his sister would find home in the evening by following these stones.

H (Hansel): Where are we going, stepmother?

SM: We’re on our way to look for wild strawberries. And I want you brats to help me. So be quiet

H: We are very tired. Let’s rest here before we go on
SM: Quit whining! I know those strawberries are around here somewhere. And I am going to go and find them. You wait here