Sleeping Beauty Parts I-II

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Hikaye Metni

Long ago, in a far away land, a king and his beautiful queen lived. For many years they had longed for a child, and finally they had a daughter. They called her Aurora (dawn). They gave her this name because she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was announced throughout the kingdom. Our story begins on that joyful day.

On this great and joyful day all the kingdom celebrated the birth of the princess. Then the king Stephan and the queen welcomed their friend, King Hubert, and his son, Philip. Stephan and Hubert had always dreamt of uniting their kingdoms. Now they would announce that their children, Philip and Aurora, would be betrothed. (The children were going to get married, so that the two kingdoms would be united)

Then, more guests arrived. The three fairies were announced. Each one had a special gift for the new-born princess. Flora, the first fairy, presented her gift:

My gift will be the gift of beauty.

Then Fauna, the second fairy, said,

My gift will be the gift of song.

Then Merryweather, the third fairy, was about to give her gift when the wind blew and the door of the castle opened. It was Maleficent, a very dangerous witch.
Maleficent: Well, everyone is here. But I wasn’t invited. Have you forgotten to invite me?

Merryweather: You weren’t wanted.

Queen: I hope you are not offended.

Maleficent: No I am not. And to show you that I am not angry, I will give the baby a special gift.

(The fairies were around the cradle to protect it because they feared that Maleficent would hurt the baby.)

Maleficent: Listen everyone. The princess will grow happily. She will be beautiful. Everyone who sees her will admire her. But on her sixteenth birthday she will touch a spinning wheel and die.

The queen cried. The king ordered his soldiers to catch the witch. But Maleficent disappeared laughing.

Flora: Don’t worry your majesties. Merryweather hasn’t given her gift yet.

Stefan: Can she undo the spell?

Merryweather: Oh no, sire.

Flora: Maleficent’s powers are far too great.

Fauna: But she can help! Do your best Merryweather.

Merryweather: My gift is this: When the princess touches the spinning wheel, she will not die but sleep. Only the true love’s kiss will break this spell.

But King Stefan was fearful of his daughter’s life. He ordered that every spinning wheel in the kingdom be burnt. And so it was done.

The three fairies wanted to find a solution. They discussed the problem.

Merryweather: Nothing can stop Maleficent.

Fauna: Perhaps we can talk with her.

Merryweather: Talk with Maleficent?

Flora: No, she would not listen to us. She is too bad.

Fauna: We can’t stop her with our magic, either, because our magic can only do good and bring joy and happiness to people.

Flora: But there must be some way. There is!

Fauna: What is it Flora?

Flora: I am going to tell you but shh! Even walls have ears!

Then the three fairies minimize themselves and hide in a secret place to talk.

Flora has a good idea.

Flora: I will turn her into a flower.

Merryweather: You will turn Maleficent into a flower?

Flora: No, I will turn Aurora into a flower. So that she will not touch the spinning wheel.

Merryweather: because she won’t have any fingers.

Flora: She will be perfectly safe.

Merryweather: But she will be safe until Maleficent sends a frost.

Flora: Yes! Oh dear. She will expect us to do some magic. She knows everything.

Fauna: No, she doesn’t know everything. Maleficent doesn’t know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping.

Flora (now excited): Yes, she can’t understand love. Now, we have to plan it carefully. ( There is a woodcutter’s cottage in the forest. It is abandoned. Three peasant women will bring up the princess there. The king and Queen will object but we will explain that this is the only way to save the princess.

Merryweather: Who are those peasant women?

Flora: Turn around.

When the three fairies turned around they saw the mirror and they saw themselves in the mirror.

Fauna (surprised): Why, it is us.

Flora: Yes, we will bring up the child until she is sixteen years old. We will become three peasant women. ( We will not have our magic so that Maleficent won’t find us.

Merryweather: But we have never done anything without magic. Can we live without it for sixteen years? Like mortals?

Flora: Yes we can. Now let’s go to the majesties and tell them.
The three fairies left their magic wands behind. Then, with the permission of the king and queen, they left the palace with the princess Aurora. The king and queen watched sadly as their only child disappeared into the night.

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