A Christmas Carol Part III

15 Temmuz 2017 ile hasan

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Hikaye Metni

The Ghost of Christmas Present is walking with Scrooge in his pocket. They are looking for a house with good people. Then they find one. It is Bob Crachit’s house. The spirit puts Scrooge in front of the house.

S (Scrooge): Why did you bring me to this old house?

GP (Ghost of Christmas Present): This is the home of your overworked underpaid employee (=Bob Crachit)

(Overworked = works too much)
(Underpaid = paid very little)

Crachit family don’t have a big Christmas turkey. They have a small bird. Scrooge looks through the window and he sees a big pot boiling on the fire:

S: They have more food. Look on the fire.

GP: It is your laundry. (=it is not food)

When mother puts dinner on the table, Crachit’s children prepare to eat. But Bob stops them:

Bob: Not yet, children. We must wait for Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim is coming downstairs. He has a crutch because he has a problem with his leg.

TT (Tiny Tim): I am coming, father.

Then they sit down. Tim looks at the food on the table and says,

TT: Look at all the wonderful things to eat. We must thank Mr. Scrooge.

By the way Scrooge is watching them through the window.

S (to GP): Tell me spirit. What is wrong with that kind lad (=boy)?

GP: If nobody helps them, Tiny Tim’s chair will be empty soon (=he will be dead).

Suddenly it is all dark. Scrooge turns around but the Spirit is gone.

S: Spirit, where are you. Don’t go! You must tell me about Tim.

Then he finds himself in a graveyard (=cemetery). He sees someone. It is a giant.

S: Who are you? Are you the ghost of Christmas Future?

The new ghost nodded (=say YES with his head). So, Scrooge is in the future now.

S: Please speak to me. What will happen to Tiny Tim.

Then the ghost shows him a grave. There are people around it. They are the Crachit family. Tiny Tim is dead. It is Tiny Tim’s funeral. Bob is holding Tim’s crutch in his hand.

S: Oh no. I didn’t want this to happen. Can I change it?

In the meanwhile, two undertakers are standing in front of another grave. They are talking.

First Undertaker: I have never seen a funeral like that before.

Second Undertaker: There are no mourners, no friends (nobody has come to the funeral).

First Undertaker: Let’s rest a minute before we fill it in. He is not going anywhere.

They leave the place. They are laughing. Then Scrooge and the ghost go to the grave. Scrooge looks down into it.

S: Spirit, whose lonely grave is this?

The spirit lights a match and the name Ebenezer Scrooge appears on the tombstone. It is Scrooge’s grave. He is dead.

GF (Ghost of Christmas Future): It is yours, Ebenezer. The richest man in the cemetery.

Then the ghost pushes him into the grave. He is laughing. Scrooge cries as he falls:


Then Scrooge is in his bedroom.

S: Please spirit. Let me out. Let me out.

Then he understands that he is at home.

S: I am back in my room.

Then he runs to the window, opens the window.

S: Christmas morning. The spirits have given me another chance. What a wonderful day.

Then he puts on his clothes. He is in a hurry because he has a surprise for Bob Crachit. On the street, he meets the two strangers who were collecting money for the poor.

S: Good morning gentlemen. I have something for you.

And he gives them twenty gold pieces.

S: Not enough? Well, alright. Fifty gold pieces.

Then he gives them more money and leaves them. Then he meets his nephew.

S: I want to visit you for Christmas dinner.

Then he goes to a toy shop. He buys a bundle of toys for children. He goes to Crachit’s home. He knocks the door. He looks very serious and angry because he wants to play a trick on Bob Crachit.

S: I have another bundle for you.

Bob: But sir, it is Christmas Day.

S: Christmas is just another excuse for being lazy.

Bob is very afraid. Suddenly Scrooge begins smiling.

S: I am giving you a raise and making you my partner.

Bob: Partner? Thank you Mr. Scrooge.

Then all the members of the family gather around Scrooge. They are very happy.


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