Cavit is a high school student. He is also a part time worker.

On weekdays, he is at school from 8 am to 3 pm. He likes school and his teachers like him. He is a good and successful student. After school, he goes to his father’s barber shop. He helps his father.  They work until 7 pm. Cavit likes working in the shop. His father pays him 50 TL a week. ( He thinks he will be a good barber. He says, “If you don’t go to university , don’t worry about it because you already have a good job.”

Some of Cavit’s friends laugh at him. They give him a nickname, “Crazy Barber”. But, Cavit is not angry with them. He understands people because he meets all kinds of people at the barber’s shop.

He is angry only if the customers are dirty. He says, “Sometimes their hair is very dirty and smelly. Then I am very angry. I want to beat them.” Some customers have very big heads. Cavit is not angry with them. But he doesn’t like them. He says, “It takes twice as much time to shave a man with a big head. Yet he pays the same money.”


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#1 What time does Cavit go to school?

#2 “his teachers like him.” Who is “him”?

#3 What does Cavit do after school?

#4 “They work until 7 pm.” Who are “they”?

#5 How much does Cavit earn a month??1 month = 4 weeks

#6 Why needn’t Cavit worry about going to university?

#7 “But Cavit is not angry with them.” Who are “them”??3. paragraf

#8 Which customers is Cavit angry with?

#9 “I want to beat them.” Who are “them”?

#10 “He thinks he will be a good barber.” Who is “he” (ikincisi)??2. paragraf