I am Selin. I am a student and a shop assistant. My life is not easy. It is difficult. But my friends don’t understand it.

Like all students, I go to school on weekdays, that is, from Monday to Friday. School starts early in the morning. It finishes at 4 in the afternoon. After school, all my friends go home. ( But I go to work. I have a part time job at a clothes shop. I work until 7 pm. Then I go home. Naturally, I am very tired when I get home. I have dinner. I do homework. Then I go to bed.

Weekends are not easier for me. Both on Saturday and Sunday, I work at the shop from 8 am to 6 pm. So, I am tired at the weekends, too.

I like school. I am a good student. I like working as a shop assistant, too. It is an enjoyable job. But being a student and a shop assistant at the same time is very tiring. I am a student because I want to be a doctor in the future. I am working because I need money. But my friends say I work because I love money. This makes me sad because it is not true. They don’t understand me.


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#1 “But my friends don’t understand it” What is “it”?

#2 How many days a week does Selin go to school?

#3 What time does school finish?

#4 What do Selin’s friends do after school?

#5 What does Selin do after school?

#6 Where does Selin work?

#7 Why does Selin work?

#8 What time does Selin go home?

#9 What does Selin do after she goes home?

#10 How long does she work on Saturday?

#11 Why is Selin tired at the weekend?

#12 Why is Selin’s life difficult?

#13 Does Selin like her part-time job?

#14 Why does Selin go to school?

#15 Why does Selin work?

#16 “This makes me sad because it is not true.” What is “it”?

#17 “They don’t understand me.” Who are “they”?