Okuma – A boy without a mother

14 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

Çalışan bir annenin yalnız çocuğu Mehmet’in iç burkan hikayesi kolay İngilizce anlatımla / The story of a boy whose mother is always at work in simple English

Mehmet didn’t go to school that day because he was ill. His father called the teacher and explained. Mehmet decided to watch TV and relax. He was unhappy because he was ill and because he was alone. At noon his mother arrived home and cooked him a meal. She was a businesswoman. So, she didn’t have much time with him. It was difficult for Mehmet to understand her.

Mother, why do you always work? Don’t we have enough money? Isn’t my father working and earning money?

-Look, son. It is true that we have money and your father earns a lot of money too. But I have to work.

Mom, you don’t like me. Is your business more important than your son?

-Of course not, dear. You are dearer to me than anything else.

Mehmet didn’t believe her.

In the afternoon Mehmet was still in bed. He was watching TV again. There was nobody at home. He was watching a film about a boy who didn’t have a mother. At the same time, he was thinking about himself and his mother. Why didn’t she love him like other mothers?

Suddenly the boy in the film found his mother. He seemed very happy. Mehmet felt happy too. “I want my mother in this room now!” he cried. Then he looked at the TV because he thought he heard his mother’s voice from the TV. Then he saw that his mother was in the TV. The mother of the boy who was in the film was Mehmet’s mother.

Finally, you left me mother. How can you do this to me?!” said Mehmet.

Mehmet and the boy in the film exchanged their roles. At the beginning of the film the boy didn’t have a mother. But now Mehmet didn’t have a mother.

That day Mehmet left home. He left the city too. He went to Hollywood. He decided to go in the film and find his mother. Nobody saw him again.