Okuma – Party Preparations

14 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

Oğulları için mezuniyet partisi verecek olan bir ailenin parti hazırlıklarını anlatan kolay İngilizce okuma parçası / The story of a family preparing a party for their son’s graduation

Ahmet and Mehmet are brothers. They are both students. They live in Ankara. Tonight, their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tekün are going to give a party for Ahmet. It is going to be garden party for his graduation from university. After 4 years of hard work, he has finally graduated from the faculty of law. He is going to be a lawyer next year.

At the moment they are all doing the final preparations for the party except Mehmet. Mehmet is not helping them. He is watching TV. He is lazy at school, too. He is at high school now in his third year. Next year he is going to take the university exam but his parents are afraid that he is not going to be successful. He is not like his brother, Ahmet.

Now Mrs. Tekün is moving the furniture but no, she can’t do it because they are very heavy. So, Ahmet says, “Wait, mum. I am going to help you move the furniture”.

Mr. Tekün is placing the chairs in the garden. It is not easy and he is tired. Now he is calling Mehmet;

-Mehmet, come here and help me, please.

However, Mehmet doesn’t want to help.

-I am afraid I can’t. There is a movie on TV. It is thrilling. I am watching it.