Okuma – Two Poor Students

15 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

Maddi zorluklar içinde üniversite okumak zorunda kalan iki öğrencinin kolay İngilizce hikayesi / The story of two poor university students in simple English

Cemil wanted to be an engineer and he worked hard. He took the university exam. He was very successful. He went to İstanbul University engineering faculty. His father was poor. He worked hard for his son but he had three other children. They didn’t have enough money.

Cemil was a thoughtful boy. He knew that in İstanbul he could find scholarship (=burs). He also found a part time job. He went to a restaurant after school and worked there for three hours. He was very tired but he was happy because he earned his own money and his father didn’t have to support him.

One day he met a new friend, Kazım, at the restaurant. Kazım didn’t work in the restaurant. He was a customer. Cemil was not shy and he always talked to the customers of the restaurant. He liked it. So, he talked to Kazım, too. Kazım told him that he was a university student. Then he said he was a student at İstanbul University engineering faculty. Cemil couldn’t believe him because he was there too.

I am a student at the same faculty but I haven’t seen you.” said Cemil.

That is because I am new.” Kazım said.

Then they talked about school. Cemil was older than Kazım and he was also an experienced student. So, he gave him a lot of advice about university life. Then Cemil understood that Kazım’s family wasn’t rich, either. He said to Kazım;

You must find a job like me. You must help your family.”

I want to, but I can’t find one. Will you help me, please?”

Of course, I will. Now I will talk to my boss about you. I am sure he will understand you and give you a job.”

Soon Kazım began to work in the same restaurant, too.

Next year Cemil graduated and became an engineer. He was very intelligent. He designed wonderful projects and earned a lot of money. He was good at business too. He started his own company in three years. Then Kazım graduated and began to work with Cemil.

Now they have a big company and are very happy.