Ders 19 – Seviye 1 – Günde 1 saat İngilizce

25 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

Bu dersin içeriği:

Ali and Kemal

Bilmediğiniz kelimelerin anlamını görmek için üzerlerine tıklayın.

Ali and Kemal are good friends. Everyday, they go out and play football in the school garden. Last week, while playing football, Kemal fell down and broke his arm. Ali called his father. Ali’s father came to the garden with his car. They put Kemal in the car and took him to hospital. At the hospital, doctors put Kemal’s arm in a cast. (

Her cümlede özne+fiil+nesne yapısını görmeye çalışın.

Ali wanted to take Kemal’s photograph. He would share the photo with his friends on his Facebook account. However, his father realized it and he was angry with Ali. They went into another room. He said, “You must be more sensitive about your friend’s pain. Your friend is crying but you are taking his photo for fun. Shame on you” Ali said he was sorry. “You are right, father”, he said. Two days later, Kemal’s arm was healed. Then Ali and his father took him home. Ali’s father paid the hospital expenses because Kemal’s family was poor.

The Poor Man and the Swallow

Once upon a time, there was a rich man. He spent all his money carelessly and became a poor man. He had no money, no home, nothing. He only had his old clothes. One day in early spring he saw a Swallow. He thought that summer had come, and that he didn’t need his coat. So, he sold it.
However, a change took place in the weather. There came a sharp frost. It killed the unfortunate Swallow. When the poor man saw the dead swallow he said, “Poor bird! You died of cold and I am going to die of cold myself because of you.”

One swallow does not make summer.

Three chefs sharing their secrets

Let’s go to the party