Okuma – April Fool

15 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

İş yerine gelen komik adamı fazla ciddiye alan Kazım’ın 1 Nisan’da başına gelenler basit İngilizce anlatımla / The story of a man who took too seriously another man in simple English

Kazım was polishing his shoes so that they would suit to his bright clothes. At the same time, he was thinking about what to do with Osman, his new customer. That strange man had come to his office three days ago with a peculiar suggestion

-Hi sir. My name is Osman Üçtaksit. I am the representative of the Samancı Incorporated. We make and sell clocks. As far as I know your company sells potatoes. Now I’ve got an interesting and profitable suggestion for you: let us exchange the 10% of our clocks with the 50% of your potatoes.

-Well, this is interesting indeed but it is important to remember that we are a serious company and, to tell you the truth, your suggestion is stupid and absurd rather than profitable. Now, please get out of here before you get beaten.

When the man went out, the boss, Hamdusi Burunsuz, came in and started to shout at him.

-How can you do it, you fool! That man was my best friend. What’s more, we’ve got important business connections with his company. His suggestion might be stupid but he was only joking.

Kazım apologized again and again. He went red with embarrassment.

-I’m sorry sir. I promise I will make up for it soon. I’ll apologize to him and ask him to forgive me.

Now he was preparing to persuade the man. His appearance was all right but he could have problems with the man himself. He might be looking forward to an opportunity to take revenge.

Anywaysaid Kazım to himself. “This is a difficult task. It demands confidence, and I have it.”

Now he had finished polishing his shoes. He looked in the mirror once again.

I am readyhe said and left.

When he arrived at Osman’s office, he felt afraid but he knew that he had to do it. He knocked the door.

Come in!” cried some angry voice.

That sounds angry. I think it will be even more difficult.” thought Kazım.

Then he went in.

Good morning sir. My name is Kazım. You must remember me from-”

Of course I remember you. It is my turn now. I’m going to take revenge. Get out now!”

Osman felt humiliated. He turned back to leave but he met Mr. Burunsuz at the door who was smiling. Kazım turned back to see that Mr. Üçtaksit was smiling, too. He was all astonished. Suddenly all his friends appeared from behind the tables and they all cried, “April Fool!”

There was laughter and cheer.

How could you forget it?”

It was the 1st of April.

Since that day Osman stays at home on 1st of April