Okuma – Moving to Kansas

15 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

İş sebebiyle Kansas’a taşınmak zorunda kalan bir ailenin basit İngilizce’yle yazılmış hikayesi / The story of a family who had to move to Kansas in simple English

Lisa was happy with her life. She was a high school student. She lived with her family in Sterling, a small town near Kansas. Because it was a small town, everybody knew each other. Everyone in the town was either relatives or friends. Lisa’s family had been there for 15 years. They were actually from Wisconsin, a big city far from Sterling. She was born there. But they moved to Sterling when Lisa was 2 years old. So, she didn’t remember anything about Wisconsin. She always said that she was from Sterling. She had lived almost all her life in this little town.

One day, they decided to move. In fact, they had to move. Lisa’s father, who had worked in a factory near Sterling, had lost his job because the factory closed down. For several months he looked for a job in Sterling but he couldn’t find one. Then he thought that they had to move to a bigger town where he could have a greater chance of finding a job. No one in the family was happy about it. Even Victoria, Lisa’s 5-year-old sister, kept crying day and night. They all tried to find a better solution. Lisa’s mother, Teresa, came up with an idea: she asked her husband, Mr. Dowell, if they had to move altogether.

–“Do we have to go with you, dear? I mean, everyone in the family? Why don’t you go to the nearest big city and find a job there?” she asked.
Mr. Dowell didn’t understand her.
-“What do you mean, dear? Shall I go to another city and leave you all here?”
–“Exactly. That is what I mean. Children don’t want to leave Sterling. Neither do I.”
-“But I can’t do it, dear. I love you all so much. How can I live without you?”

And that was the end of the conversation. They would move together.

Soon Mr. Dowell found a job in Kansas City. It was a good job. Then they moved to Kansas.

At first no one in the family was happy in Kansas. Lisa was the unhappiest. She thought it was the end of the world. All her friends were back in Sterling. She had no friends in Kansas. Moreover, people in this big city weren’t very friendly. They seemed afraid of each other. The city was dangerous. Fortunately, her school was not far from home. But she had no friends there. She felt very lonely. She often talked to her parents about it but they said there was nothing to do. They had to live there.

Things began to change three months later. One evening Mr. Dowell came home smiling.

–“I have got good news for you everyone!” he said.
They were all surprised and curious as they hadn’t seen Mr. Dowell smiling since they moved to Kansas.
-“Do you remember the Orwells?”
Orwells? Yes, they remembered Orwells very well. Orwells were their neighbours in Sterling.
–“Yes. But what about them? What happened?” asked Mrs. Dowell.
-“My dear, they are coming here.”
–“Are they coming here to visit us?”
-“No. They are coming because they are moving here, too, like we did. Mr. Orwell has found a job in my factory here and they are going to live here. What is more, they are going to be our neighbors here, too.”

That was good news indeed. It was so good that neither Lisa nor her mother could believe it. But it was true. Within a week, Orwells were there, in Kansas.