Great Expectations 2 Test


Great Expectations Part II okuma parçasıyla ilgili bir test



#1. Who is Biddy?

#2. Why does Pip want to be a gentleman?

#3. Why does Pip say to Miss Havisham, “I can’t come next time”?

#4. Why is Estella going to France?

#5. Why does Mr. Jaggers visit Pip in the sixth year of his apprenticeship?

#6. Who does Pip think his benefector is?

#7. How does Miss Havisham know about Pip’s benefector and its conditions?

#8. Where does Pip stay in London?

#9. Why doesn’t Pip want Joe to visit him in London?

#10. Why does Joe return home the same day?

#11. Who does Pip meet at Miss Havisham’s house?


Hikaye Metni

Three months later, Mrs. Joe dies. She is buried in the churchyard. But Pip likes Biddy, Joe’s new wife. She is a kind woman. She becomes a trusted friend for both Joe and Pip.
P (Pip): Biddy, I want you to help me. But this is a secret.
B (Biddy): What is it?
P: I want to be a gentleman.
B: Aren’t you happy as you are?
P: I am not happy as I am. I am coarse and common.
B: Who said so?
P: The beautiful young lady at Miss Havisham’s. I want to be a gentleman because of her.
Then Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s again. There he meets Mr. Jaggers the lawyer while going upstairs.
JA (Jaggers): A boy from the neighborhood, eh?
P: Yes sir.
JA: How did you come here?
P: Miss Havisham sent for me sir.
JA: Well behave yourself.
At the door of the dining room Pip finds a chair. ( It is a wheel chair. From that moment on, Pip’s job is to push Miss Havisham in her chair. Pip often comes to Miss Havisham’s and Estella is always there. She always lets him in and out of the house. She never tells him “You may kiss me” again. Sometimes she tells him, “I HATE YOU!” But Pip is madly in love with her.
One day, at Miss Havisham’s…
P: Miss Havisham, I can’t come next time.
MH (Miss Havisham): That is sad news Pip. Why not?
P: Tomorrow is my birthday and I am fourteen.
MH: And you start your apprenticeship with the blacksmith, do you not?
P: Yes Miss.
MH: Aren’t you happy about it Pip?
P: No Miss, I am not happy.
Pip is unhappy because he doesn’t want to be a blacksmith; he wants to be a gentleman. If he becomes a blacksmith, Estella won’t love her.
Outside the dining room:
E (Estella): Say goodbye to me because I am going away too.
P: Going away?
E: Yes, I am going to France to be educated for a lady. Aren’t you sorry I am going?
P: Yes Estella, I am very sorry. I wish I knew when you were coming back. I wish…
E: What do you wish?
P: I wish I could kiss you goodbye.
Pip kisses Estella and leaves. Miss Havisham is sending Estella to France because she wants her to become a lady, a gentlewoman. In France, she is going to learn how to dance, how to speak French, and how to play the piano. At that time, it was the fashion with rich families in England. ( They sent their daughters to France to be educated for a lady.
That is a turning point in Pip’s life. Pip’s boyhood has ended; and his life as a blacksmith has begun.
In the sixth year of his apprenticeship, Pip has a visitor. It is Mr. Jaggers the lawyer.
JA: Are you the blacksmith Joe Gargery?
J (Joe): Yes sir.
JA: Have you an apprentice known as Pip? Is he here?
P: I am Pip, sir.
JA: I wish to have a private conference with you two.
Then they go inside the house.
JA: I have an offer for this young man. Will you (Joe) object (=say no) to cancel his apprenticeship for his own good?
J: Heaven forbid. I would not stand in Pip’s way.
JA: Pip has great expectations. He will come into a handsome property (=he will be rich). The owner of the property (=the rich man or woman) has four conditions:
Pip will always bear the name of Pip (=he will never change his name)
Pip will leave this place and go to London.
Pip will become a gentleman.
The name of the benefactor (=the rich man or woman helping Pip) will remain a secret.
Do you have any objections?
P: I have no objections.
JA: You will go to London in a week. You need new clothes.
And Jaggers gives them some money and leaves. After that Pip goes to Miss Havisham. The name of his benefactor is a secret but he thinks that it is Miss Havisham.
MH: Welcome Pip. You look fine.
P: Thank you Miss Havisham. I am going to London tomorrow. I wanted to say goodbye to you Miss Havisham. I have come into property. A rich person helps me and I am very grateful.
MH: I have seen Mr. Jaggers. He told me about it. You are adopted by a rich person, not named.
P: Yes Miss Havisham. Where is Estella?
MH: Abroad. Everybody loves her. You will always keep the name of Pip, you know.
P: Yes Miss Havisham.
Then Pip kisses her hand respectfully and leaves. He goes to London.

He finds Mr. Jaggers’ office in London.
P: Excuse me please. Is Mr. Jaggers here?
W (Wemmick, Mr. Jaggers’ clerk): He is not. He is in the court at present (=now). Am I addressing Mr. Pip?
P: Yes, I am Pip.
W: Wait here please. Mr. Jaggers will be here soon.
Then Mr. Jaggers comes.
JA: Welcome Pip. Wemmick will take you home. You will have £ 250 per annum (=year). [£ = pound] This is a lot of money.
While Mr. Jaggers is talking to Pip, a door is opened and a woman appears. Mr. Jaggers is angry. He shouts, “GET OUT!” The woman’s name is Molly. She is Mr. Jaggers’ housekeeper. Many years ago, when she was young, Mr. Jaggers defended her at court and saved her from a murder charge.
Pip and Wemmick go to Barnard’s inn. He is going to live there with a young man named Herbert Pocket.
W: This is the inn. Your room is on the first floor. As I keep the cash, we will often meet.
Pip goes up to his room. He is happy to see his name on the wall with the name of Mr. Pocket. On the door he finds a note, “Return Shortly”. Soon Mr. Pocket comes with fruit.
H (Herbert): Hello Mr. Pip. I was out to buy some fruit for you.
P: Thank you. It is very nice of you.
H: Come in Mr. Pip. This is my room and that is yours.
P: I remember you now. You are the boy at Miss Havisham’s.
Then they have dinner. Pip is afraid of making a mistake.
P: Herbert, I am not a gentleman. A blacksmith brought (=bring) me up. So I don’t know much about manners. Will you please warn me if I make a mistake?
H: Yes, with pleasure.
Then Pip makes a mistake:
H: You should not put the knife in the mouth. It is rude and dangerous.
P: Oh, I must apologize. Thank you.
H: Not at all.
Then Pip makes another mistake:
H: Pip, you should not fill the mouth to its full capacity.
Then Herbert tells Pip the story of Miss Havisham;
H: Many years ago Miss Havisham was a rich young lady. She fell in love with a man. The man pretended to love her. They arranged the wedding day. They bought (=buy) the wedding dress. They invited the guests. The day came but not the bridegroom (=groom). He sent a letter to Miss Havisham.
P: Did Miss Havisham receive the letter at 20 to 9?
H: Yes, she received the letter at 20 to 9.
P: That is why she stopped the clocks at 20 to 9.
H: She has never seen the sun since that day.
Pip learns to be a gentleman. He learns how to dance like a gentleman. He learns gentleman’s sports.
One day Pip and Herbert give a party at home. It is Pip’s birthday party. Pip is 21 years old. After party, Pip and Herbert are very thoughtful because they have spent (=spend) too much money and they have a lot of debts. On that day, Pip goes to Mr. Jaggers’ office to ask for money. Mr. Jaggers congratulates him for he is 21 years old. Then he gives him a piece of paper.
JA: Now unfold that piece of paper, Pip, and tell me what you see.
Pip unfolds the paper and he is shocked at what he sees.
P: It is a bank note for £ 500!
JA: It is a bank note for £ 500.
When Pip goes home he receives a letter from Biddy. In the letter Biddy says that Mr. Joe Gargery is going to London and he is going to visit Pip. Pip is not very happy. It is bad news for him. Pip thinks to himself, “If I could keep him away by paying money, I would pay money” Pip is ashamed of his poor relations. Now he has become a gentleman. He has rich friends. But Joe is not a gentleman. He is only a blacksmith. Trying to become a gentleman but Pip has become a snob.

Then Pip meets Joe and they go in. Pip pretends to be happy to see Joe. Joe is surprised to see that Pip has changed a lot and looks like a gentleman in his expensive clothes.
Then Pip introduces Joe to Herbert.
P: Herbert, this is Joe. Joe, this is Herbert.
H: How do you do Mr. Joe?
J: Your servant sir.
Joe is afraid of making a mistake. He is trying to be kind, but he is too kind. Pip is ashamed of Joe. He is also afraid of his making a mistake.
H: Will you take tea or coffee?
J: Thank you sir. I will take whatever you like.
Then Joe’s hat falls down from top of the fireplace. Joe tries to catch it in the air but he can’t. He causes it to fall onto the table and into a plate. Joe is ashamed. Pip is very angry. He stops pretending to be happy now and he shows his anger to Joe by pulling the hat from his hands angrily. Herbert leaves the room. Now Joe and Pip are alone in the room.
J: Now that we are alone sir…
P: Joe, why do you call me sir?
J: Now that we are alone Pip, I can tell you why I am here. Miss Havisham sent for me. She said, “I wish to see Mr. Pip at once because I have something to disclose to him.”
P: Miss Havisham?
J: Yes Pip. Now I am going Pip.
P: Will you come back for dinner?
J: Oh no Pip old chap. I am wrong in these clothes. I am wrong out of the forge and out of the kitchen. I am wrong in this city and with you. Remember me as Joe the blacksmith. You won’t (=will not) hate me then.
And he leaves. Pip feels some regret but it is too late.
Next morning Pip begins the journey to his town. He knows that he should stay at Joe’s, his old home. But he doesn’t want to stay there. So he finds reasons and excuses for not staying there. He thinks to himself, “But Joe and Biddy are not expecting me. My bed is not ready. So I must stay at the hotel. Gentlemen always stay at the hotel.” Then he reaches the town and stays at the hotel.
All other swindlers upon earth are nothing to the self-swindler. In other words, no one can deceive a man better than himself.
The following day Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s. There he finds Estella. Pip and Estella go into the garden and talk.
P: Do you remember the first time I came here?
E: I don’t remember.
P: You don’t remember that you made me cry?
E: You meant nothing to me Pip. Why should I remember? You must know Pip, I have no heart. Don’t expect too much of me.
Then they go in the house. Pip is pushing Miss Havisham in her chair again.
MH: Is she beautiful? Do you admire her Pip?
P: Yes Miss Havisham.
Miss Havisham wants Pip to love Estella. She has a great plan. She wants revenge.
MH: She is going to London soon. You should meet her there.
P: I will be the happiest man in London Miss Havisham.
MH: Love her. If she loves you, love her. If she tears your heart to pieces, love her.
Then she recognized that Mr. Jaggers is in the room.
MH: As punctual as ever Mr. Jaggers.
JA: As punctual as ever Miss Havisham. How do you do Pip?
P: Miss Havisham wished me to see Estella, Mr. Jaggers.
JA: A fine young lady.