Great Expectations 1 Test


Great Expectations Part I okuma parçasıyla ilgili bir test



#1. Why does Pip live with his sister?

#2. Who is Miss Havisham’s husband?

#3. Why does Miss Havisham hate men?

#4. Why does Magwitch frighten Pip in the churchyard?

#5. Why do they fire the great guns when Pip and his sister are having dinner?

#6. Who does Pip think the second convict in the churchyard is?

#7. Why is Magwitch doing exercise in the churchyard?

#8. What happened to the pie in Mrs. Gargery’s kitchen?

#9. Why do soldiers come to Joe’s house?

#10. What happens to the escaped convicts?

#11. Why is Mrs. Joe happy when Miss Havisham calls for Pip?

#12. Why does Miss Havisham ask Estella to play cards with Pip?


Birinci Bölüm Metni

Pip is an orphan (a child who has lost both parents). He lives with his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery. He says, “I want to be a gentleman”
Mrs. Joe Gargery is Pip’s elder sister. She is married with a blacksmith, Mr. Joe Gargery. She is a second mother to Pip but she is always angry with him.
Joe Gargery is a blacksmith. He is a very kind man. Pip and Joe are good friends but Joe is also afraid of his wife, Mrs. Joe.
Miss Havisham is a rich old lady. She is a spinster (=She has never got married). Many years ago, when she was a young woman, the groom disappeared on her wedding day. Miss Havisham didn’t want to get married again. She hates all men.
Estalla is a young girl. She lives with Miss Havisham. They are good friends. She hates men, too. She says, “I have no heart”
Magwitch is an escaped convict.
Mr. Jaggers is a lawyer.
Herbert Pocket is a relation of Miss Havisham’s. He meets Pip at Miss Havisham’s. They fight and Pip beats him. Many years later they meet again in London and become good friends.
One morning Pip goes to the churchyard. ( He wants to visit his dead parents there. In the churchyard Magwitch, the escaped convict, catches him. Pip shouts because he is very afraid.
M (Magwitch) – Keep still you little devil or I will cut your throat.
P (Pip) – No sir no.
M – Show us where you live. Point out the place.
P – There sir there.
M – Who do you live with?
P – With my sister Mrs. Joe Gargery, the wife of Joe Gargery the blacksmith.
M – Blacksmith, eh? Bring me a file and food tomorrow. I have a young friend. He is very dangerous. In comparison with him I am an angel. He creeps into a boy’s room and kills him. If you don’t keep your promise he will find you and kill you. Now get off home!
P – Good night, sir.

In fact, there isn’t a young man. Magwitch is lying. He wants to frighten Pip so that he will keep his promise. But Pip believes him.
When Pip gets home Mrs. Gargery is out, looking for him.
J (Joe) – Mrs. Joe has been out a dozen times looking for you Pip. Get behind the door.
Mrs. Joe comes in and finds Pip. She beats him with a stick.
MJ (Mrs. Joe) – Where have you been?
P – I have only been to the churchyard.
MJ – Get to the table. Both of you! (=Pip and Joe)
They get to the table. Pip hears firing of guns.
P – Listen! Was that the great guns Joe?
J – Yes, there is another convict off.
P – What does that mean Joe?
MJ – Escaped, escaped!
P – Where does the firing come from?
MJ – The firing comes from the prison ships.
P – Why are people put in the prison ships?
MJ – People are put into prison ships because they murder and forge and do all sorts (=kinds) of bad things. Now get on with your supper and then off to bed.
Next morning Pip goes to the kitchen and steals a pie. Then he goes into the blacksmith and gets a file. Then he goes to the churchyard. He is keeping his promise because he is afraid that the young man will kill him. There he meets a man. It is a convict but it is not the same convict. This is the second convict. ( He has a scar on his face. Pip thinks that he is the young man that Magwitch spoke of. Then he looks for Magwitch in the churchyard. He finds him. Magwitch is doing exercise to keep warm. He gives him the pie. Magwitch eats the pie quickly.
P – Aren’t you going to leave any pie for him?
M – Him? Who is him?
P – The young man.
M – Well, he doesn’t want food.
P – But he looked hungry.
M – Looked? When and where?
P – Just now, over there.
M – Give me the file boy.
Then Pip goes back home. There are guests at home. One of the guests says, “Pip, your sister gives you delicious foods. You must be grateful (=thankful). Then Mrs. Joe has a surprise. It is a pie. Everyone is happy because they are going to eat a delicious pie. But Pip is afraid because the pie is not in the kitchen. The convict has eaten the pie. Now his sister will think that Pip has eaten the pie. Pip runs to the door. Just then the door opens and a soldiers walks in. He says, “Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. I am on chase in the name of the King. I want the blacksmith because these handcuffs need repair.”

Then Joe repairs the handcuffs. Then the soldiers leave in search of the escaped convicts. Pip and Joe go with them. Pips says to Joe, “I hope we don’t find them.” But soon they find the two convicts. The convicts are fighting. ( The soldiers catch them. Then they fire their guns to announce that they have caught (=catch) the convicts. They take the convicts to the prison ship. The convicts are banished (=exiled). Now they will go to Australia. They will be free men in Australia. They can find a job and work. They can even get married. But they can’t go back to England. It is their punishment. Before they leave, Magwitch speaks to Joe:
M – I am sorry I have eaten your pie.
J – Oh you are welcome. We wouldn’t want you to starve (=die of hunger).
Then the convicts leave.
A year later…
Mrs. Joe comes home happily because she has good news. Pip will go to Miss Havisham’s because Miss Havisham is very bored and she wants him to play.
MJ – Do you know Miss Havisham?
P – Yes, she is the strange lady in the large house.
J – But she is mad, ain’t she?
MJ – She may be mad but she is rich and she can help the boy.
Then Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s. It is quarter past three (3:15). Estella meets him at the door. Pip, shy, walks in. he notices that the clock at the clock tower shows 20 to 9. (8:40)
P – Your clock stopped Miss. You should set it at quarter past three.

Then they go in.
MH (Miss Havisham) – Estella. I want you to play cards with this boy.
E (Estella) – With this boy? But he is a common boy. Look at his boots.
MH – You can break his heart.
Then they play cards. Estella is very rude to Pip.
E – What coarse hand you have. You stupid clumsy boy.
MH – She says many hard things of you. But you say nothing of her. What do you think of her?
P – I think she is proud.             MH – Anything else?
P – I think she is pretty.             MH – Anything else?
P – I think she is insulting (=saying bad words).
MH – Anything else?
P – I like to go home now.

Next week…
Pip is at Miss Havisham’s again. Estella meets him at the door again. When going upstairs she stops him and begins questioning him.
E – Am I pretty?
P – Yes, I think you are very pretty.
E – Am I insulting?
P – You are not so insulting as you were last time.
E – Not so insulting? Take this you coarse little monster.
And she slaps (=hits him on the face) him.
E – What do you think of me now?
P – I won’t tell you.
E – Why don’t you cry again?
P – I will never cry for you again.
Then she takes Pip to the dining room. There are spider webs all around the dining room. The curtains are closed and the room is dark. There is a big cake on the table but it is very old. There are mice on it. It was Miss Havisham’s wedding cake. Then Pip goes into the garden. There he meets a boy. The boy is Herbert Pocket. He is a relation (=relative) of Miss Havisham’s. They fight for fun. Pip beats Herbert. Estella was watching them. She calls Pip.
E – You may kiss me if you like.
Then Pip leaves.