Great Expectations Part I

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Great Expectations
Pip is an orphan (a child who has lost both parents). He lives with his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery. He says, “I want to be a gentleman”
Mrs. Joe Gargery is Pip’s elder sister. She is married with a blacksmith, Mr. Joe Gargery. She is a second mother to Pip but she is always angry with him.
Joe Gargery is a blacksmith. He is a very kind man. Pip and Joe are good friends but Joe is also afraid of his wife, Mrs. Joe.
Miss Havisham is a rich old lady. She is a spinster (=She has never got married). Many years ago, when she was a young woman, the groom disappeared on her wedding day. Miss Havisham didn’t want to get married again. She hates all men.
Estalla is a young girl. She lives with Miss Havisham. They are good friends. She hates men, too. She says, “I have no heart
Magwitch is an escaped convict.
Mr. Jaggers is a lawyer.
Herbert Pocket is a relation of Miss Havisham’s. He meets Pip at Miss Havisham’s. They fight and Pip beats him. Many years later they meet again in London and become good friends.
One morning Pip goes to the churchyard. ( He wants to visit his dead parents there. In the churchyard Magwitch, the escaped convict, catches him. Pip shouts because he is very afraid.
M (Magwitch) – Keep still you little devil or I will cut your throat.
P (Pip) – No sir no.
M – Show us where you live. Point out the place.
P – There sir there.
M – Who do you live with?
P – With my sister Mrs. Joe Gargery, the wife of Joe Gargery the blacksmith.
M – Blacksmith, eh? Bring me a file and food tomorrow. I have a young friend. He is very dangerous. In comparison with him I am an angel. He creeps into a boy’s room and kills him. If you don’t keep your promise he will find you and kill you. Now get off home!
P – Good night, sir.