Teenwise Workbook Theme 5B



Cümlelerdeki boşlukları aşağıdaki kelimelerle doldurunuz.

generous /helpful /jealous /modest /outgoing /ridiculous /sincere /down to earth
1. Look at the photo in the magazine. Murat Boz is carrying the bags of an old woman. He's a pop star.
2. Angelina Jolie spends most of her money on children who are need. She is really .
3. Oh my God!Look at TV! My favorite pop star looks so in that colorful dress. I can't help laughing.
4. Some celebrities don't like spending time with their fans. I think this is not right. They must be
5. I'm reading my best footballer's interview. He's a sort of man. He's really practical and sensible.
6. Keanu Reeves is such a actor. He says he is just an ordinary person.
7. I'm watching my favorite actress in a talk show. Both of them are talking honestly. They seem very .
8. Most of the famous people are . They never appreciate each other's work.


Choose the correct word

9. _____________ people are understanding and care for other people's feelings.
10. _____________ people are determined to do what they want and refuse to do anything else.
11. _____________ people are usually relaxed and tolerant.
12. _____________ people make good judgments and share practical ideas.


Farklı olanı işaretleyin.

15. blank
16. blank





What is the text about? (parça workbook sayfa 41'de)


True or False

2. It is difficult to find Push-up's new single nowadays.
3. There are two boys and two girls in the band.
4. Members have some problems because they have different characteristics.
5. Alger isn't a pessimistic person.
6. Alger can't stand hearing better music than his.
7. Darla plays the drums well.
8. Darla wears elegant hats during the performances.
9. Wes is the oldest member in the band.
10. Wes earns a lot of money because he also works for charities.
11. Gina is as patient as the other members in the band.



Read the paragraph and answer the questions.

Tom has two brothers, John and Jack, and two sisters, Sarah and Sue. John is sixteen. Jack is six years younger than John but he is four years older than Sue. Sue is seven years younger than Tom and four years older than Sarah.
1. How old is Tom?
2. Is Sarah the oldest in the family?
3. Is Sarah younger than Jack?
4. Who is the youngest in the family?


Rewrite the following sentences using the words in brackets. Parantez içindeki ifadeleri kullanarak cümleleri yeniden yazınız.

Katy Perry is funnier than Selena Gomez. (as...as) ⇒ Selena Gomez isn't as funny as Katy Perry.
(Karşılaştırma sıfatları konusu⇒)
5. Ahmet isn't as good as Kamil. (than)
6. Osman and Cemal are both very rich people. They both have $2 million. (as...as)
7. Cemile is friendlier than Melisa. (less)
8. Kemalettin is more intelligent than all the other students in the school. (most)


Find the mistakes. Rewrite the sentences correctly. Hataları bulup cümleleri doğru halleriyle yazınız. (evet, tüm cümleyi)

9. Pop singers are popular than artists.
10. Basketball players are the most tallest sportsmen.
11. Actresses are as better as actors. (iki farklı şekilde düzeltilebilir)
12. Ali is funnier Mehmet.