Great Expectations 3 Test


Great Expectations 3 okuma parçasıyla ilgili bir test



#1. Who visits Pip one dark night in his home?

#2. What has Magwitch been doing in New South Wales (Australia)?

#3. Why is Pip unhappy when he learns that his benefector is Magwitch?

#4. Mr. Jaggers doesn’t want to talk about Magwitch. Why not?

#5. Why does Pip want to take Magwitch out of England?

#6. Why is Pip angry with Miss Havisham?

#7. What happens to Miss Havisham in the end?

#8. Why does Wemmick move Magwitch to a new house?

#9. Who is the man with the scar face?

#10. Why has Magwitch helped Pip? Why has he given him money and made a gentleman of him?

#11. What happens to the man with scar face?

#12. What is the decision of the court about Magwitch?

#13. Who is Magwitch’s real child?

#14. Who is Estella’s mother?

#15. Why does Estella’s husband leave her?

#16. What does Estella decide to do after her husband leaves her?

#17. What happens to Pip in the end?


Üçüncü Bölüm Metni

Estella arrives in London. Pip is waiting for her. He meets her happily.
P: How nice to see you, Estella.
Waiting for the carriage, they decide to have a cup of tea.
E: I am going to Richmond.
P: Why are you going to Richmond?
E: In Richmond, I am going to live with a lady. That lady is going to show people to me and show me to people.
P: They will admire you. Do you look forward to it?
E: It is part of Miss Havisham’s plan for me; it is not my plan. So I don’t like it much. I will be beautiful and happy and I will write to Miss Havisham about my happiness.
P: Will you always be part of Miss Havisham’s plan, Estella?
Then Estella changes the subject. Why?
E: Are you happy with Mr. Pocket?
P: Yes. We have left Barnard’s Inn and moved to a new house.
That summer Pip often meets with Estella and is very happy. ( She has many admirers (=lovers). In the winter Estella meets a new lover, Bentley Drummel. Drummel is not a popular man. People don’t like him much. He is a snob. Pip doesn’t like him, either.
P: You look and smile at him. But you don’t smile at me.
E: I don’t want to deceive and entrap you.
P: Do you deceive and entrap him Estella?
E: Yes. And many others. I deceive and entrap all men but (=except for) you.

One dark night… It is windy and rainy outside. Pip is alone in his flat. He is reading. Suddenly someone knocks the door. Pip opens the door. A big man is standing in front of the door. The man is Abel Magwitch, the escaped convict that Pip met at the churchyard many years ago when he was a child. Pip doesn’t recognize him at first. But then he remembers him.
P: I know who you are. You are the convict that I gave the food to. You are the man at the churchyard.
M (Magwitch): I never forgot it boy. I am grateful for it.
P: Well, there is no need to thank me for what I did when I was a child.
Then Pip offers him a drink. They drink and Magwitch talks about his life.
M: I have been a sheep farmer away in the new world, in New South Wales.
P: I hope you have done well.
M: Yes, I have done wonderful well. I am famous for it. But you have done well, too, eh?
P: Yes, I have done quite well.
M: How did you do it?
P: I have come into property.
M: Whose property?
P: I don’t know.
M: You have £ 500 per annum?
Pip is now quite surprised.
P: Yes.
M: And is your guardian’s name Jaggers?
Then Pip understands that Magwitch is his true benefactor. He is not happy about it. He doesn’t know what to say or do.
M: Yes dear boy, it was me. I made a gentleman of you. I am your second father and you are my son.

All this while, Pip keeps silent. He doesn’t speak. He can’t speak.

M: Didn’t you ever think that your benefactor was me?
P: No, never.
M: Well, you see it was me. And single-handed (=I was your only benefactor).

Then the door is opened. Magwitch is alarmed. He takes out his knife.
M: Who is that?
P: Don’t be alarmed. It is Mr. Pocket who shares this house with me.

Then Herbert comes in.
The following day, Pip goes to Mr. Jaggers. ( He wants to learn about Magwitch because he can’t believe what he heard from Magwitch. Mr. Jaggers doesn’t want to talk to Pip.
JA: Now Pip, be careful. Don’t tell me anything. I don’t want to know. I am not curious.
P: A man from New South Wales, named Magwitch, has visited me. He told me that he was my benefactor. Is that true?
JA: Yes, that is the man.
P: I always supposed (=thought) that it was Miss Havisham.
M: I am not responsible for that. Well, listen. If Abel Magwitch comes to England, he will be punished by death. He has enemies here and they would inform on him.

Then Pip talks to Herbert about it.
P: There is no alternative. We must take him out of the country. And I must go with him.
H: Why must you go with him?
P: Because he has risked his life and everything for me.
H: What will you tell Estella?
P: I don’t know but I must see her before I go.
Then Pip goes to the bus station. He meets Bentley Drummel there. Drummel despises Pip and makes fun of him. He says that he is going to meet Estella.
Drummel: You have lost Estella. She is mine.
Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s house. He finds Estella there.
MH: What wind blows you here Pip?
P: I have something to tell Estella. I will say it here before you Miss Havisham. It will not surprise you. It will not displease you (=make you unhappy). You wanted me to be unhappy and I am unhappy. I found (=find) out who my benefactor is.
MH: You have found out who your benefactor is. Well?
P: I always thought that you were my benefactor and you encouraged me to believe it. You never said, “I am not your benefactor.” You didn’t warn me.
MH: Yes. I encouraged you to believe it.
P: Was that kind?
MH: Why should I be kind to you?!
Then Pip turns to Estella;
P: I love you Estella. I have always loved you since I saw you in this house.
E: Pip I warned you not to love me. But you didn’t listen to me. You thought I wasn’t serious.
P: Estella, are you dining with Bentley Drummel?
E: Yes I am. Pip, I will tell you the truth: I am going to be married to him.
Then they hear clip clop of horses. Bentley Drummel has come. Estella stands up, she says, “You will forget me in a week Pip”, and leaves the room. Pip looks quite sad. Miss Havisham says;
MH: What have I done?! (=I have made a big mistake)
Now she feels regretful. But it is too late. Pip says to her, “Miss Havisham, I will never forget Estella because she has become a part of me. But your biggest sin is to keep Estella from her true nature. Perhaps you can do something about it.” Then he turns back and leaves the room. When the door is closed, a log from the fireplace is displaced and Miss Havisham’s dress catches fire. Pip hears her terrible screams and turns back to save her but he is too late. Pip’s hands get burnt too.
Later that evening Pip leaves for London. At the gate the porter hands him a message. He says it is urgent. Pip unfolds the paper. It is a note from Wemmick. It says, “Don’t go home!” Then Pip takes a cab (=taxi) and goes to Wemmick.
W (Wemmick): You got my note?
P: Yes, I came straight here.
W: Well. Don’t be anxious. I have arranged everything. Please come in. You would not object to an aged (=old) father?
P: No, I shall be delighted (=happy).
W: This is Pip, father. Give him a nod, Mr. Pip. He likes it. He will be as happy as a king. Well, Mr. Pip. An enemy of your benefactor has learnt that he is here in London. And somebody is watching you. So I got him (=Magwitch) out of the way while you were out of the way. So I moved him to a new house.
P: I must see him and help him.
W: Take my advice and wait till after the dark.
Pip listens to Wemmick’s advice and leaves after it is dark. Then he finds the new house. He, Magwitch and Herbert have supper.
P: Do you have an enemy in London?
M: Yes, the man with the scar face that you saw in the churchyard. He is my enemy. He wants to inform on me so that he can save himself. But I am not going to leave my boy because of that rat.
P: Don’t you worry about it because I am coming with you.
The following day Pip and Herbert make a plan. They want to send Magwitch out of England. They learn that a ship for Australia leaves every Thursday. Magwitch will go into the ship secretly, dressed as a river pilot. While they are making these plans and preparations, the man with the scar face is following and watching them secretly. One night they leave home with a small boat.
P: Tell me something.
M: What dear boy?

P: I helped you when I was a child. But it was a small thing. Why have you done so much for me (=why have you adopted me and made a gentleman of me)?
M: I had a child once, Pip. It was a little girl. I loved her but I lost her.
P: What happened to her?
M: I don’t know. When you helped me in the churchyard you took the place of that child.
Then the day for departure comes. The three men leave the house and begin rowing towards the Australia ship. However, another boat is following them. Soon the second boat catches up with theirs. Magwitch recognizes the scar-faced man on the boat and they begin fighting. But the ship arrives and hits the small boats. They fall into the sea. Pip saves Magwitch but the police catch him. The man with the scar face is drowned.
P: I will never forgive myself for this.
M: I am alright dear boy. I am happy because I have seen you.
The courtroom…
Magwitch and many other convicts are waiting for the final verdict of the judge.
JUDGE: You will go to the place where you escaped. There, you will be hanged by the neck.
After the trial, Pip goes to Mr. Jaggers’ office.
P: Are you sure that you can do nothing to save him?
M: Nothing. Do you realize that you will not inherit his money?
P: I don’t care about the money.
M: You can’t inherit the money because you are not a blood relation to Magwitch.
P: He has a child, hasn’t he?
M: Yes. Well, Pip, sit down and listen to me. I will talk to you but I admit nothing.
P: I understand, you admit nothing.
M: Imagine that a woman is charged with murder. She has a child. The father of the child is a convict. This woman’s lawyer knows a rich lady who wants to adopt a little girl. Do you understand?
P: I understand but I can’t believe it.
M: Ring the bell, Mr. Pip.
Pip rings the bell and Molly the housekeeper comes into the room. Jaggers asks her to empty the basin. She empties the basin. Pip watches her and sees that she looks like Estella. He understands that Molly is Estella’s mother, and Magwitch her father.
P: Does Estella know?
M: No, she doesn’t.
By the way, Magwitch is very ill. He is in prison hospital. Pip visits him there. He sees that Magwitch is about to die.
P: I have something to tell you. Can you understand what I say?
Magwitch can’t speak. He just nods his head.
P: You had a child once. You loved her but you lost her. She lived. She found (=find) powerful friends. She is rich and beautiful. And I love her.
Magwitch smiles. He kisses Pip’s hand. Then he dies.
Pip leaves the hospital. Suddenly he becomes ill. Joe goes to London and looks after Pip. When Pip is well (=not ill) again, he learns that Joe has been looking after him. Pip is grateful to him.
That evening Pip visits Miss Havisham’s house secretly. As he walks into the house he remembers the old days. To his surprise, Estella is also in the house.
P: Estella. What are you doing here? Where is your husband?
E: I have no husband. When Bentley Drummel learnt who my parents were, he didn’t want me anymore. I will live here in this house till the end of my life.
P: Estella. You must leave this house. It is a dead house. Nothing can live here.
Then he goes up to the curtains. He tears the curtains and opens the windows. Sunlight fills the room. It is not dark any more. Pip goes up to Estella.
P: Estella, look at me.
E: I am afraid.
P: Look at me Estella.
She looks at him. They both smile. They leave the house together.