Teenwise Workbook Theme 9B

Theme 9B Akıllı Tahta Sunumu


Write the names of the shops.

baker's / bookshop / clothes shop / greengrocer's / supermarket / toy shop
1. What size are you? ⇒
2. How many kilos of oranges do you need? ⇒
3. This one is in the best-sellers' list. ⇒
4. Sorry, we are out of bread. ⇒
5. I'd like a bottle of milk. ⇒
6. I'm looking for a big teddy bear. ⇒

Sepetteki ürünlerin miktarını belirten kelimeleri yazınız.

a bottle of /a box of /  a dozen of / a kilo of / a loaf of / a packet of / a slice of
7. orange juice
8. matches
9. pencils
10. sugar
11. bread
12. butter
13. cheese

Complete the text using the words below. (Hepsi aynı paragrafın cümleleri)

fly /gain / get ready / harvest / purchase / rush
14. I live in Kemalpaşa, İzmir. It is famous for its cherries. Next week, we are going to celebrate the first of cherries.
15. My parents are farmers and they plan to for the festival early.
16. The day before the festival is very important and we are going to to the cherry gardens to pick up the first cherries.
17. As it is springtime, all the kids are going to play in the open-air, have fun and kites.
18. The festival lasts for 9 days. Hundreds of people from the city are going to visit our town and our delicious cherries.
19. In this way, all the villagers are going to enough money to start the season

Aşağıdaki kutlamalarla ilgili davet/tanıtım yazılarını okuyup altındaki cümlelerle eşleştirin.

A. Do you want to go back nine hundred years? Come and be with us during the carnival of Venice celebrations. Wear a unique mask and feel the live streets of Venice. You can also see the bands everywhere. Don't miss getting on a colorful boat in a canal. Meet us at Piazza San Marco on 27th January 2018. Register with a low fee. Live the fairy-tale yourself!
blankB. Do you want to live in the real paradise for a night? It's time to come and join the full moon party. Every month over 10,000 people from all over the world come to Koh Phangon in Thailand for the full moon party. They enjoy the show of fire eaters, listen to techno and reggae and dance till the firework display. Don't worry if you miss this one. It takes place at every full moon. Just book a hotel or a bungalow before you come. Live the night, don't leave any rubbish behind.
Time: 9:30 p.m.
Place: The Moonrise Beach Club
Fee: Free
blankC. What about a night with lights? The White Nights Festival is a yearly International Art Festival in Saint Petersburg Russia during the midnight sun season. Follow our events like ballet, opera and music. Meet Russian and international dancers, singers and actors. The events start with a ballet at Marinsky Theater at 8 p.m. Pay $300 for all events and watch the Scarlet Sails show free.
20. It includes mask balls.
21. There's an extra activity if you pay for all.
22. You can try a ride in a boat here.
23. You don't have to pay for this event.
24. It repeats every month.
25. There are performers from other countries.


Complete the sentences with some / any / a lot of

1. I don't want sugar in my tea.
2. Let's buy more oranges. We need a lot of oranges to make juice.
3. Sorry, we don't sell milk here.
4. Could you please make sandwiches for the party?
5. I like fruit very much. Please buy apples and coconuts for me.
6. There are sweets in the cupboard.
7. I'd like cucumbers in my salad, please.
8. Is there cheese in the fridge?

Choose the correct alternatives.

9. We don't have ......... drinks.
10. Let's go and buy ......... drinks.
11. I can't eat this hot dog. There is ......... ketchup in it.
12. Put ......... cheese in your soup. It tastes much better with cheese.
13. I don't want to see ......... sausages in my pizza.
14. Would you like ......... milk in your tea?
15. Sue drinks ......... coffee before the exams.

Write questions with how much / how many.

milk / you / drink / a day ⇒ How much milk do you drink a day?
16. chocolate (sayılamayan isim) / you / eat / a day
17. kilos of oranges / you / buy / a week
18. sandwiches / you / eat / a week
19. coffee (sayılamayan isim) / you / drink / before exams

Aşağıdaki cümlelerde hatalar var. Siz cümleleri düzeltilmiş biçimde (tamamını) yazın.

20. There is any milk in the fridge.
21. There is a lot of biscuits on the table.
22. We haven't got some sauce for the pasta.
23. There aren't some apples on the plate.
24. Have you got some fruit juice?
25. There are some cheese in this cake.