Teenwise Workbook Theme 9A

Theme 9A akıllı tahta sunumu

Aşağıdaki sözlerin hangi parti türüyle ilgili olduğunu bulun.

1. My friends and I like cooking meat in the open air.
2. One of my friends writes down everybody's birthdays and plans secret parties.
3. It's not very easy to say goodbye but nice to remember each other.
4. We must celebrate the end of the school with fun and dance.
5. New age is a fresh start. We must celebrate it.

Konuşmadaki boşlukları aşağıdaki ifadelerle doldurun. (hepsi aynı konuşmaya ait)

6. Gina: Hi, Adrian. .............................
Adrian: I'm going to be at the basketball training.
7. Gina: Really. We are planning a farewell party for Leon. .............................
8. Adrian: Oh, I'd love to. .............................
Gina: It starts at 5.00 in the afternoon. Please try to come.
Adrian: My training finishes at 4.30. I think I can make it.
Gina: That's wonderful.
9. Adrian: .............................
Gina: I am going to make decorations. You can bring come CDs.
10. Adrian: Al right. .............................

Read Angelica's plan for her 18th birthday party and answer the questions.

It’s my 18th birthday next Friday. All of my friends are going to come to my grandparents’ house for a barbecue party. They have got a big green garden. My father is going to cook burgers and sausages for us. The party starts at 5.00 o’clock in the afternoon. There is going to be good music and lots of fun. After the barbecue, we are going to dance and sing karaoke. I am preparing some games, too. My mother is going to give surprise gifts to the winners. Most of my friends are going to stay for the night. We are going to stay up late. Turning 18 is going to be really exciting, so I am really looking forward to it.
11. Angelica is going to give a party at her house
12. They are going to have a barbecue
13. There's going to be music and dance
14. Angelica's parents are going to do something for her
15. All of her friends are going to leave early
16. She feels very excited about her new age

Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box using the correct form of "be going to"

do / not celebrate / wear / throw / invite / meet
17. I a birthday party next weekend.
18. My brother his friends for a celebration at a café this evening.
19. Karen shopping for the surprise party tonight
20. My nephew his birthday with us because he is going to be with his friends.
21. Are you all you friends to the slumber party?
22. My friend a costume at the fancy dress party. He hates costumes.

Verilen kelimeleri kullanarak "going to" kalıbıyla sorular yazın ve aşağıdaki tabloya göre o sorulara cevap verin.

Janet and Tom / give a barbecue party ⇒ Are Janet and Tom going to give a barbecue party? (arada bir boşluk) Yes, they are.
23. Janet and Tom / cook for the party
24. Nicholas / make decorations
25. Janet and Tom / play music
26. Nicholas / dance
27. Janet and Tom / do the cleaning after the party