Teenwise Workbook Theme 8B

Teenwise 8B Akıllı Tahta Sunumu


Resimdekilerin karşısına İngilizce karşılıklarını yazın (kelimeler aşağıda)

backpack / apron / goggles / helmet / lab coat
3. blank
4. blank
5. blank

Kelimelerin karşılarına benzer / aynı anlamlı olanlarını yazın.

very important / take off / set up / make less / come together / way
6. install ⇒
7. gather ⇒
8. route ⇒
9. vital ⇒
10. remove ⇒
11. reduce ⇒

Boşlukları aşağıdaki kelimelerle doldurun. (Tüm cümleler aynı konuşmaya aittir)

remain / hang up / location / emergency / injured
12. Operator: 911. State your
Caller: My neighbor, Mrs. Stacey, fell down her front stairs.
13. Operator: What is your ?
Caller: 1739 Thorn Street.
14. Operator: Is she ?
Caller: Yes, she can move her legs. I don't know what to do.
15. Operator: Try to calm. If you can, put a pillow under her head and cover ehr with a blanket.
Caller: OK, I'll do my best.
16. Operator: Don't the phone. Help is on the way.

Boşlukları aşağıdaki ifadelerle doldurunuz (tüm cümleler aynı paragrafa aittir)

catches on fire / fire extinguisher / fire drills / spreads  / smoke detectors / put out
17. When a fire starts, it may not seem dangerous at first but don't forget it very quickly.
18. It mostly becomes very dangerous in less than 30 seconds. If something in your house, class or workplace,
19. you can the fire with a blanket
20. or a .
21. You must always be prepared for the fires and have in your houses or offices.
22. It is vital to practice regularly.


ATM: Automated Teller Machine
PIN: Personal Identification Number


Parçayı okuyup soruları cevaplayın.

Everyday thousands of people use ATMs. You can get cash wherever you are and whenever you need.
You can do many things at an ATM. For example:
* You can withdraw money from your account.
* You can deposit money into your account.
* You can pay bills.
* You can transfer money.

Protect your card and PIN
* Keep your card in a safe place.
* Never land your bank card to anyone and don't tell anyone your PIN.
* Don't choose an obvious PIN like your date of birth.
* Memorise your PIN. Don't write it down.

At the ATM
* Make sure no one sees you enter your PIN. Use your hand or body to cover the keypad.
* If you use the ATM at night, take a friend with you.
* Call your bank right away if your bank card is lost or stolen.
1. Don't ........... your bank card to anyone.
2. Deposit means ........... .
3. You can ........... money to your other accounts at an ATM.
4. You need a ........... to use an ATM.
5. You can ........... money from an ATM.
6. Keep your PIN ........... .
7. Cover the ........... using your body or free hand when you use the ATM.


Boşluklara must/mustn't + aşağıdaki fiillerden birini yazın.

drink / play / swim / use / light / fasten / keep
1. You your seat-belt before the plane takes off.
2. You in this river. It's very dangerous.
3. You the fire exit area clear for a safe escape.
4. Workers safety equipment needed for their jobs.
5. We fires on this beach.
6. Children in this area.
7. We this water. It's not clean.

Choose the correct option.

8. You ............... call the emergency services if you just have a cold.
9. You ............... show your passport or identity card to get on a plane.
10. Taylor ............... wear special safety clothes because she works in an office.
11. You ............... rest and drink lots of liquids if you have a cold.
12. Swimmers ............... pay today. It's free to swim on Wednesdays.
13. You ............... let small children play with sharp objects.
14. Ben is a scientist. He ............... wear special gloves when he uses chemicals.
15. You ............... keep medicines away from children and out of reach.

Aşağıdaki tabloda Pazarcık Fen Lisesi tenis kulübünün kuralları bulunuyor. Tabloya bakın ve cümlelerdeki boşluklara have to / don't have to / mustn't ifadelerinden uygun olanı getirin.

16. You sit or lean on the net.
17. You wear white clothes, but you have to wear proper tennis shoes.
18. You have your membership card with you or you will not be allowed to play.
19. You finish on time but you don't have to start on time.
20. You bring tennis balls but you have to bring your own tennis racquet.
21. You have to keep the court clean and you eat or drink on the court.