Teenwise Workbook Theme 8A

Teenwise 8A Akıllı tahta sunumu


Resimlerde gösterilen sağlık sorunlarının isimlerini yazınız.

rash / backache / cough / toothache / fever /
sprained wrist / runny nose / broken leg / sore throat / flu
3. blank
4. blank
5. blank
6. blank
7. blank
8. blank
9. blank
10. blank

Boşlukları aşağıda belirtilen sağlık sorunlarından uygun olanlarla doldurunuz.

rash / backache / cough / toothache / fever /
sprained wrist / runny nose / broken leg / sore throat / flu
11. Nick has a . He can't even talk.
12. Emma has a on her arm. It's very itchy.
13. I think I have a . It hurts a lot while I am writing.
14. My husband needs to go to the dentist immediately. He has a .
15. If he has a , he shouldn't carry anything heavy.
16. My little daughter is sneezing and coughing a lot. I think she has the .

Doğru seçeneği işaretleyin.

17. A nutritionist is a person .............. .
18. A dermatologist treats .............. .
19. A prescription is a piece of paper which .............. .
20. To consult means .............. .
21. To heal means .............. .
22. "Something is killing me!" means .............. .


Common Problems Facing Teenagers

Being a teenager is sometimes really hard as .......(1)......... .They affect your body, your emotions and your lifestyle. You can't fit into your old clothes and you try to become more independent from your parents. Also, you have to deal with your hormones.
It is not always easy to live happily with these hormones. Sometimes they cause you troubles like acne. Some people say that fries, chocolate or pizza cause it. Well, it can be true, but the main reason behind your acne is your changing hormones. Don't worry! .......(2)......... Remember that acne is temporary; it usually goes away as you get older. There are some good acne treatments today, so you don't have to suffer as your parents did. You can consult your family doctor or a dermatologist.
Growing older is not an easy thing. Things can go wrong at school or at home. You may feel down and think nothing goes well. Don't forget that you can overcome all these feelings. There are many alternatives, for example, you can try to make new friends or participate in school activities. You can do sports to reduce stress. Also, .......(3)......... because it can cause you to become a screen addict. What you need is to be in real life.

Parçadaki boşluklara gelmesi gereken ifadeleri bulunuz.

1. Boşluk 1
2. Boşluk 2
3. Boşluk 3

Are the following true or false? (Parçaya göre)

4. Being a teenager is not as easy as everybody thinks.
5. You want to spend time without your parents if you are a teenager.
6. There is no relation between the hormones and acne.
7. There is no way to treat acne.
8. Taking up a sport is always a good idea to manage stress.


Cümleleri should /shouldn't + aşağıdaki fiillerden biriyle tamamlayınız.

appy / use / take / chew / drink
1. You gum with your dental braces.
2. You topical gel for the rash on your hand.
3. When you have a scratch on your finger you a plaster (yara bandı).
4. People antibiotics without serious advice.
5. When you have a stomachache, you fizzy drinks.

Cümleleri parantez içindeki yardımcı fiilleri kullanarak yeniden yazınız.

It is a good idea for you to consult a dermatologist for the dark spots on your face. (should) ⇒  You should consult a dermatologist for the dark spots on your face.
6. It's not a good idea for her to apply her friend's acne cream on her face. (shouldn't).
7. The best thing for her to do is to see the school counsellor. (had better)
8. It's better for him to stop playing too many computer games. (ought to)
9. It's not a good idea for us to stay up late. (had better not)

Kelimelerden soru cümleleri yapın. Present perfect tense kullanın.

you / ever / break / your / leg / ? ⇒ Have you ever broken your leg?
10. you / ever / attend / a fire drill / ?
11. you / ever / have / a traffic accident / ?
12. you / every / cut / your finger / ?
13. you / ever / have / a terrible toothache / ?
14. you / ever / fall off / your bike / ?

Doğru kelimeyi seçin

15. Have you .......... sprained your wrist?
16. Pedro has had a terrible stomachache .......... morning
17. The doctor has .......... run some tests on the patient.
18. I have .......... felt like this. My headache is killing me.
19. My friend and I have had a terrible sore throat .......... three days.
20. Camilla has .......... consulted a doctor for her skin problem.
21. The doctor hasn't finished the operation .......... .