Teenwise Workbook Theme 7B


Aşağıdaki fiillerin geçmiş (yani 2.) hallerini yazınız.

Fiillerin halleriyle ilgili bilgi bu bağlantıda
1. build ⇒
2. buy ⇒
3. choose ⇒
4. come ⇒
5. cut ⇒
6. do ⇒
7. drink ⇒
8. eat ⇒
9. get ⇒
10. give ⇒
11. have ⇒
12. know ⇒
13. leave ⇒
14. read ⇒
15. run ⇒
16. see ⇒
17. speak ⇒
18. think ⇒
19. understand ⇒
20. win ⇒
21. write ⇒

Aşağıdaki cümleleri şu fiillerin doğru halleriyle doldurunuz.

buy / get / protect / prefer / pick up / book
22. We the hotel and the tourist guide before our last trip.
23. The temple was important for them, so they tried to it during the wars.
24. What time did you to Mexico?
25. I need some money to tickets for the concert in the amphitheater.
26. Can you my parents from the airport? They don't know the city.
27. I to visit the museums in Milan, so I didn't do shopping.

Match the words with their definitions.

28. cable car
29. dead tired
30. watchtower
31. staircase


Parçayı okuyup soruları cevaplayın.

blankblank China
When I went to see the Great Wall of China last year, I learn that it is in the list of New Seven Wonders. I think it deserves this title because it is the largest building in the world. Thousands of workers built it to protect China from attacks. Most people think that you can see it from the space but in fact this belief is legendary (=not true). I'm proud that a structure from my country is in the list.
UNESCO declared the Taj Mahal as one of the New Seven Wonders od the world since 2007. It is a breathtaking mausoleum in India. When I visited the Taj Mahal, its story affected me deeply. Emperor Shah Jahan wanted to build a structure for the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal because she died after she gave birth to their 14th child. It was the jewel of Muslim art in Indian history. It cost millions of Rupees. I think it is worth it.
I live in Mexico. Every year about two million people visit my hometown to see Chichén Itza. It was a well-know Mayan city. They used this place as a religious, political and economic centre. The most important figure in the site is the pyramid, El Castillo. The Maya people built it to watch the movements of the sun. Unfortunately, after the Spanish came here, they used the site as a cattle farm. Was it always in a bad condition? Luckily, no. Thanks to the Mexican government, it is a popular tourist attraction now. In 1998 UNESCO added Chichén Itza to the New Seven Wonders List.
1. Which sentence is true for all three structures?

Choose the correct option.

2. There was a romantic story behind its construction.
3. It is the largest structure in the world.
4. People used it for economic and political reasons. (iki cevap)
5. This site was once a place for animals.
6. It was a fine example of a religion.
7. The structure guided people for the movements of the sun.

Are the following sentences true or false?

8. The Chinese people built the wall because they wanted to protect their country.
9. You can see the Great Wall from the space clearly.
10. Shah Jahan built a beautiful tomb after he lost his wife.
11. The pyramid in Chichén Itza was a famous mausoleum.
12. Chichén Itza is under protection now.


Cümleleri olumlu (+)/olumsuz (-) cümlelere ya da soru cümlelerine (?) dönüştürün. Cümlelerin tamamını yazın.

1. I spoke to the guide at the entrance of the museum. (-)
2. She didn't visit the historical sites in the city (+)
3. The group left the Great Wall early (?)
4. We gave our tickets to the ticket collector. (-)
5. The students understood the history of the Pyramids. (?)
6. The teacher didn't write the names of the group members. (+)

Geçmiş zamanda kurulmuş olan aşağıdaki cümleleri parantez içindeki fiillerin uygun halleriyle tamamlayınız.

7. When the historians (find) Göbeklitepe Temple, they got excited.
8. The archaeologists (discover) a 3200 year-old lost city in Turkey.
9. We (not see) some of the rooms in the palace.
10. Before the builders (finish) the statue, the king died.
11. I (look) at the beautiful mountains from the watchtower.
12. After we (leave) our town, we missed our homeland.
13. How many staircases did the tomb (have)?

Aşağıdaki fiillerin ikinci hallerini kullanarak boşlukları doldurun. Hepsi aynı paragrafın cümleleri.

make / be / get / fall / book / choose / see / run
14. Last week, our school a tour to the Tower of London.
15. We were all excited to see a historical building. We all to the bus.
16. Most students wanted to sit at the back. Mrs. Craig the most silent ones to sit there.
17. Of course I at one of the front seats, because I was curious about the view on the way.
18. When we arrived, Mrs. Craig groups of five students and we entered the building in turns.
19. After we the jewels section, I went to see the sculptures of different animals.
20. When I was going down the stairs, I down and got late, so I hurried to find my group.
21. Mrs. Craig really angry and I had to walk just next to her during the whole trip. It could be a great adventure for everyone, but not for me.

Aşağıdaki soruları yukarıdaki parçaya göre tamamlayınız.

22. Where ?
They went to the Tower of London.
23. Who at the back of the bus?
The most silent students.
24. the jewels section?
Yes, they did.
25. she late?
Because she fell down the stairs.
26. a great adventure for her?
No, it wasn't