Teenwise Workbook Theme 7A


Fill in the sentences with the correct words from below.

tomb / lighthouse / structure / temple / statue

1. The Eiffel Tower is the most popular in Paris.
2. There was a bronze of a lion in front of the pyramid.
3. Every year millions of people visit Anıtkabir, the of Atatürk.
4. In this old town, there was a tall to guide ships at sea.
5. The king wanted to build a for religious ceremonies.

Fill in the sentences with the correct words from below.

craftsman / construct / destroy / homeland / lighthouse / ruin / sculptures / statue / structure / terrace
6. The old train station of the city is a fantastic .
7. You can see the best collection of in this museum.
8. This restaurant was a for sailors in the past. It showed them the coastline at night.
9. There were different trees and plants on the garden .
10. The people decided to a new temple after the strong earthquake.
11. The soldiers wanted to village with bombs.
12. The old castle is a now. You can only see the walls.
13. He left his to live in a bigger country.
14. The emperor called the most famous in the country to build his palace.
15. The of the king stands in front of the building.

Choose the closest meaning for the underlined words.

16. I can't take my eyes off the huge building. It's breathtaking!
17. The skilful craftsmen constructed this beautiful tomb.
18. She wanted to give the children a gift to make them happy.
19. Do you know the location of the museum?
20. You can see his statue in every city because people wanted his memory to live.


Parçayı okuyup altındaki cümleleri doğru sıraya koyunuz. Sadece harfleri -aralarında birer boşluk bırakarak- yazın. İlk cümle "f" (onu da yazın).

blank blank blank blank

I visited İzmir with my parents last June and we joined a sightseeing tour around the city. After we left İzmir, we went to Ephesus. Here we saw the ruins of the Temple of Artemis and the Terrace Houses. It was so magnificent that the other day we decided to go on a day trip to Bodrum to see another wonder -Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. We left the hotel after breakfast and travelled to Bodrum by the tour bus. We could only see the ruins of the mausoleum and learnt that they used the stones of the mausoleum to build Bodrum Castle. We were amazed by the castle and the view from the top of it. After we went down, we visited the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. My father really liked the shipwrecks from Roman, Greek and Ottoman history, but it wasn’t the same for mum. We had lunch at a restaurant at Bodrum Marina - we had delicious fresh fish and green salad. Then, in the afternoon, we went to one of the beaches. After swimming for a while, we took a boat tour to the coves nearby. We took wonderful photos of the castle from the boat. In the evening, we didn’t go back to İzmir because we wanted to stay one more day in this fantastic town. It was a wonderful trip - I think the best part of my holiday.

1. a) They saw the ruins of the temple and the Terrace Houses.
b) They saw the shipwrecks in the museum.
c) They climbed up the castle in Bodrum.
d) They had breakfast and left hotel.
e) They took photos from the boat.
f) They had a sightseeing tour in İzmir.
g) They ate fish and salad.

Aşağıdaki soruları yukarıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayın.

2. When did they visit Turkey? (iki kelime)
3. How did they travel to Bodrum? (kısa cevap)
4. What did they do at Bodrum Castle?
5. Where did they have lunch? (kısa cevap)
6. What did they do in the afternoon?
7. Why didn't they go back to İzmir? (because yazmayın - yazılması tabi ki yanlış değil ama cevapları ona göre düzenledim))


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of was / were

1. The huge statue really amazing.
2. I very happy to visit the old city.
3. There hundreds of people inside the museum.
4. Where you when I called you?
5. Alex in the history class yesterday. I think he was ill.
6. Temples important structures for Ancient Greeks.
7. the tomb of the king in the pyramid?

Complete the dialogue with was / wasn't / were / weren't

Tüm cümleler aynı konuşmaya ait ve sıralı!

8. Brad: Where you last week?
9. Emma: I on a school trip to New York.
10. Brad: Really? How it?
11. Emma: It great but it was quite interesting.
12. Brad: What do you mean?
Emma: The bus very crowded.
13. so it very comfortable.
14. But the city wonderful.
15. Brad: Did you see the Statue of Liberty?
Emma: Sure! It fantastic.
16. Brad: the teachers with you?
17. Emma: Of course. Mr. Hyde and Mrs. Taylor with us.
18. Brad: Oh, now I understand why they at school last week!

Complete the sentences with the past simple forms of the verbs below. Aşağıdaki fiilleri geçmiş zamana uyarlayarak kullanın.

not want / decide / visit / discover / not destroy / use / construct
19. The archaeologists an old city in Mexico last year.
20. I was very tired yesterday, so I to go out.
21. The workers the lighthouse in 1563.
22. The people stones to build their houses in ancient times.
23. We the Grand Bazaar in İstanbul two years ago. It was great.
24. They to take the train to go around Europe last summer because it was cheaper.
25. Luckily, the earthquakes the statue. It's still beautiful

Rearrange the words to make sentences. Use the simple past form of the verbs. Kelimeleri doğru sıralayıp cümleler oluşturun. Fiillerin geçmiş zaman (yani 2.) hallerini kullanın.

26. visit / the old town / ten years ago / She
27. a trip / I / last summer / not plan
28. the end of / not listen to / I / the story
29. study / yesterday / for the history exam / you (soru cümlesi)
30. want / The queen / in 353 BC / a tomb / for her husband (zaman ifadesini en sona yazın)