Teenwise Workbook Theme 6B


Aşağıdaki cümlelerin hepsi uçuşla ilgili bir paragrafa aittir ve sıralıdır. Boşluklara gelmesi gereken kelimeleri bulun.

1. I fly every Monday and come back on Wednesdays. So I always buy a ................... trip ticket.
2. I get up early and get my little ................... and
3. arrive at the ................... .
4. I go to the ................... immediately.
5. I give my ................... and baggage to the officer.
6. Then, I take my ................... and
7. go through the ................... .
8. I find my boarding ................... and I wait for the plane.
9. When I hear the ...................,
10. I board the plane with the other ................... .
11. I fasten my ................... and enjoy my trip.

Hava durumlarını ifade eden cümleler yazın. Her biri için aşağıdaki kelimelerden iki tanesini kullanın. Şehir ismi yazmayın. Cümlenizde önce yağış/bulut durumunu sonra sıcaklığı ifade edin.

rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy / cold, hot, warm, cool

It is rainy and cold.
13. blank
14. blank
15. blank

Aşağıdaki resimde eksik olan yönleri numara sırasına göre yazınız.

16. .
17. .
18. .
19. .
20. .

Aşağıdaki kelimeleri kullanarak cümlelerdeki boşlukları doldurunuz.

quiet modern cheap crowded exciting ancient boring expensive
21. Athens is a(n) city because it is very old.
22. Paris is a very large and city, so you never get bored there.
23. Lublin is and relaxing because there aren't many people in it.
24. Hyderabad is a very place, so you can stay there with little money.
25. London gets really stressful and in summer months with many tourists.
26. Nairobi is famous for its and energetic places to eat and drink.
27. Hong Kong is the most city in the world. You need to earn a lot to live there.
28. Ottawa is because there is nothing much interesting there.


Parçayı okuyup soruları cevaplayınız.

blankHer bir paragrafın cevap verdiği soruyu bulunuz.

1. Paragraf 1
2. Paragraf 2
3. Paragraf 3
4. Paragraf 4

True or False? ( yukarıdaki parçaya göre )

5. You can watch shows on street in Covent Garden.
6. It's difficult to see around by bus, train or underground.
7. You can take a short cruise there.
8. Tower Bridge is open for 24 hours.
9. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.
10. Yorkshire pudding is a meat dish.



11. You can also take the tram, cable car, taxi or ride your bike to see around.
12. Apple pie is lovely dessert. It's a kind of pie with sweetened apple.
13. Visit Carnaby Street for good and cheap London souvenirs.
14. In the museum, Madame Tussauds, you can see wax figures of famous people.


Aşağıdaki cümleler kullanılan zaman bakımından doğruysa cevap boşluğuna "true", yanlışsa cümlenin doğru zamanda düzenlenmiş halini yazınız. İki cümleli sorularda sadece altı çizili bölümün bulunduğu cümleyi yazmanız yeterli (tabi yanlışsa). Noktalamaya dikkat.

1. I don't know Puerto Rico very well.
2. Can you hear these people? Which language do they talk?
3. I am usually having my holidays in Japan.
4. Fasten your seat belt. The plane is departing.
5. Do they speak English in Ghana?
6. Maria is in Montreal. She learns French.

Boşluklara gelmesi gereken kelimeleri bulunuz

7. Eric always ___________ to Jamaica in winter for the sun.
8. Today, they ___________ from home because of the heavy rain.
9. My mother ___________ like to drive when it's foggy.
10. It ___________ now. Let's go out for a walk.
11. The tourists ___________ still waiting for the snow to stop.
12. Look! The wind ___________ the leaves from the trees.blank
13. More than 38 million people live in Tokyo ______ it is the most crowded city in the world.
14. Milan is a trade center work ______ there are many international fairs every year.
15. Las Vegas is a fun city ______ you can see Hoover Dam there.blank
16. There are a lot of poor people in Mumbai ______ the world's most expensive house is also in Mumbai.blank

Parantez içindeki kelimelerle soru yazınız. Soruyu yazarken altındaki cevabın içeriğini ve zamanını göz önünde bulundurunuz.

17. A: (it / rain / a lot / in İzmir) ?
B: Yes, it does. But it rarely snows there.
18. A: (it / rain / at the moment) ?
B: No, it's sunny at the moment.
19. A: (you / live / Bogota) ?
B: Yes, I live there with my family.
20. A: (why / you / live / in a hotel room) ?
B: Because they are decorating my house.