Teenwise Workbook Theme 5A



Fill in the blanks using the correct words. Alttaki kelimeleri kullanarak boşlukları doldurunuz.

bald / blonde / braces / curly / loose / middle-aged / moustache / spiky / wavy / well-built
1. He's going in his early thirties. He has almost no hair.
2. Jane has long hair. It's really difficult to comb it.
3. They are a couple with three grown-up children.
4. He doesn't have a beard, but he has a thick .
5. I love my hair hanging on my shoulders. It seems nice.
6. The little girl has hair. She is like sunshine.
7. My brother is with dark skin. He's really handsome.
8. My dentist says I need to wear for two years. I feel sorry.


Fill in the blanks using the correct word groups. Aşağıdaki kelime gruplarını kullanarak boşlukları doldurunuz.

dark skin
dyed hair
good-looking man
spiky hair
green eyes
9. George is a . He is always fit.
10. Julia has got , but I don't like its color.
11. Her are so attractive. You can look at them for hours.
12. Actually, she doesn't have . She sunbathes a lot in summers.
13. Teenagers prefer to curly hair.


Choose the correct word.

14. You always look _______________ in your red dress. I love it.
15. Models are mostly _______________. I don't think they are having a healthy diet.
16. James is a _______________ young musician. I'm sure he'll be famous one day.
17. Laura's new haircut is _______________. She looks much younger.



Read the dialogue and write the questions in the correct place. Aşağıdaki konuşmadaki boşluklara gelmesi gereken soruları bulun.

Sue: Everybody says that your brother is a famous basketball player. What does he look like? Can you show me his photo?
Brandon: I'm sorry, but I don't have any photos of him.
Sue: Have a look at your phone. You can find one.
Brandon: My phone is new. I haven't taken any photos yet.
Sue: .......(boşluk 1).........
Brandon: Yes, he is, of course. He is also slimmer than me. He looks so fit.
Sue: You are older than him .Right?
Brandon: No. He's four years older than me.
Sue: Hmmm.
Brandon: Unlike me, he has got blue eyes and spiky fair hair.
Sue: Really? That sound interesting.
Brandon: Why do you say so?
Sue: You have got brown eyes and curly black hair. And you are of medium build. Are you sure you are brothers?
Brandon: You mean we don't look like each other?
Sue: Yes, exactly. ......(boşluk 2)............
Brandon: Yes, he does.
Sue: Look outside. Your brother is there.
Brandon: ........(boşluk 3)..........
Sue: He is standing in front of a luxurious car and talking on the phone.
1. Boşluk 1
2. Boşluk 2
3. Boşluk 3


Are the following statements true or false?

4. Sue wants to learn about Brandon's brother.
5. Brandon has a photo of his sister.
6. Brandon is fitter than his brother.
7. Brandon is younger than his brother.
8. Brandon doesn't have blue eyes.
9. Brandon and his brother don't look alike.
10. Sue thinks Brandon is as handsome as his brother.
11. Brandon's brother is talking on the phone in his car.



Put the verbs below into the present continuous form to complete the sentences
Aşağıdaki kelimeleri cümlelerdeki boşluklara şimdiki zaman formunda yerleştiriniz. Gerekiyorsa yardımcı fiilini de yazınız.

1. At the moment, we Adele's performance enthusiastically. Everybody is amazed.
2. Is Tom Cruise on the bench
3. and lemonade? I can't believe it.
4. I (not) an umbrella in the show. It's a stick.
5. A man over there
6. blank
and a hamburger.
7. Are you at the posters of the performance?
8. The music isn't good. The celebrities at the party (not).
9. Sarah, my favorite pop star, looks happy. She .
10. The birds high in the sky. The footballers are watching them.
11. The band my favorite song. Let's dance.
12. John photos of the famous people in the hall.


Ask questions for the underlined words. Altı çizili kelimeler için soru yazın. Noktalama işareti ya da zamir kullanmayın!

Örnek: He's going home after the concert ⇒ Where is he going after the concert?
Herhangi bir noktalama işareti yazmayın, soru işareti dahil.
13. He's going home after the concert
14. My favorite singer is wearing a red mini dress.
15. The dancers are eating fish and chips.
16. The musicians are staying at a five-star hotel.


Answer the questions.

17. Are you listening to music now? (olumlu ya da olumsuz kısa cevap)
18. What are you doing at the moment? (do/ homework)
19. What is your teacher doing now? (he /sleep)


Put the adjectives into the correct form. İlk cümlede örnek var. Superlative (-est, most) kullanmanız da gerekebilir.