Teenwise Workbook Theme 3B



Aşağıdaki cümlelerde anlatılan/örneklenen hobilerin ne olduğunu bulunuz.

1. Vanessa is a creative person. She makes colorful hats and sweaters. She gives them to her friends.
2. My sister is crazy about it. When she has some spare time, she goes out and tries to get the best images. Then, she shares all her work on the Net.
3. Oliver and Luke ride in a group every weekend. The group plans a tour. They all meet and ride along the route for about two hours.
4. I'm a nature lover. I love the silence under the sea. I just get out of the city and go into the deep blue sea.
5. I'm really into board games. But this one is my favorite. It exercises both sides of your brain.


Boşluklara gelmesi gereken kelimeleri bulunuz. 

Cümlelerin tamamı aynı paragrafa aittir ve sıralıdır.

6. Sarah works in an office all day. She thinks that she has a ____________ life.
7. She wants to make some changes in her life so she decides to ____________ a hobby.
8. She searches the Net and tries to find a ____________ hobby to keep fit.
9. She ____________ rock climbing, but she injures her leg badly in the first week.
10. After two weeks, she goes on rock climbing. Sarah never ____________
11. even though there are ____________.



Match the pictures with the hobbies.

1. blank
2. blank
3. blank


Parçayı okuyup soruları cevaplayın.

Your hobbies reflect your character and they make your life more interesting. When you look around, you can easily see people having interesting hobbies. Let's see some of them.
blankThe first one is Geert Vinck, a 29-year-old man from Belgium. He collects tea bags and he has 12000 tea bags now. He also exchanges them with people from different countries. He says "people exchange tea bags to increase their collections, and make friends with a similar interest."

Another person having an unusual hobby is a Polish artist, Piotr Bockenheim. He carves goose eggs. He uses a tiny electric drill and makes beautiful patterns on a full eggshell. Eggshells are quite fragile materials, so you need a lot of patience and practice for this hobby.

The last one the most unusual on the three. A 38-year-old man from South London, Paul Yarrow, has a weird hobby. He likes appearing on TV. Whenever he sees a news camera in a public place, he runs there and stands behind the speaker. He says "My biggest dream is to appear on the reality show Big Brother".

Tüm soruları parçaya göre cevaplayın. Kısa ya da uzun cevap yazabilirsiniz.

Herhangi bir noktalama işareti kullanmayın.

4. Where does Geert Vinck live?
5. Who does Geert Vinck exchange his tea bags with?
6. What does Piotr Bockenheim use to carve eggshells?
7. Why do you need patience and practice to carve eggs?
8. What is Paul Yarrow's unusual hobby?
9. What is Paul Yarrow's ambition?



Match the words with their closest meanings

10. reflect
11. exchange
12. tiny
13. fragile
14. weird



Boşluklara gelmesi gereken kelimeleri bulunuz.

Cümleler aynı paragrafa aittir ve sıralıdır.

1. Do you like photography? I _____________ it!
2. I _____________ a member of a photography club.
3. We _____________ every Monday morning at our favorite café.
4. We _____________ our cameras
5. and _____________ our photos to each other.
6. We also _____________ our knowledge.

Parantez içindeki kelimelerin doğru halleriyle boşlukları doldurunuz.

Cümleler aynı paragrafa aittir ve sıralıdır.

7. My sister Stephanie is a very good cook. She really (enjoy) cooking cakes and biscuits.
8. She (not cook) them everyday.
9. She (try) new recipes on Saturdays because she is free.
10. Other family members (be) out of the house.
11. Her husband (play) golf and
12. her children (go) rollerblading.


Konuşmadaki boşluklara gelmesi gereken ifadeleri bulunuz.

(Hepsi aynı konuşmanın cümleleridir ve doğru sıradadır)

13. Carlos: ___________________________? I mean when you don't have exams.
Namira: Well, I like collecting things.
14. Carlos: It sounds great. ___________________________
Namira: Nothing special. Just tea spoons.
15. Carlos: That's interesting. ___________________________
Namira: From all over the world.
16. Carlos: ___________________________
Namira: I want to have tea spoons from every country in the end.
17. Carlos: Really? ___________________________
Namira: Only twenty.