Teenwise Workbook Theme 10B

Teenwise Theme 10B Akıllı Tahta Sunumu


Complete the sentences with the correct type of TV programs below.

1. Last night I watched the first episode of the new ............ . The story was quite interesting.
2. It's a fantastic ............ . If your answer 10 questions correctly, you will be a millionaire.
3. The best way of learning what's happening in the world is to watch the ............ or read a paper.
4. Turn the TV on, please. My favorite ............ is about to start. Today Larissa is hosting Tom Hanks.
5. Sometimes I watch a ............ about wildlife under the sea to feel relaxed.
6. I have written down several recipes from the ............ on Channel 4. I will try them this weekend.
7. Are you watching a ............ ? Aren't you a little old for talking rabbits and flying horses.

Complete the paragraph with the words below


The future of Television

I don't think we will have television in the future. We will use a computer instead. We will just tell the computer what type of ............ we like (such as documentaries TV series reality shows etc.)

9. and it'll ............ to another computer on the other side of the world.
10. It will search for those programs and then give us a ............ to choose from.
11. Most probably mouse was will be replaced with ............ .
12. We won't zap the ............ to find our favorite program

Fill in the gaps with the phrases below.

13. A: Could you switch the channel to my favorite travel programme?
B: Oh, honey. You are just an ............ . You are always watching the travel programmes over and over again.
14. A: Aren't you ............ watching ads on TV?
B: I love the slogans in them.
15. A: Have you started your digital diet yet?
B: Yes, I have. It is just ............ for me.
16. A: How long will you stay in Beijing?
B: Two months. I know it is too long.
A: Don't worry, we can ............ on Skype.

Fill in the gaps with the given words below.

think / switch / worthless / information / skip / ads
17. I always to a different channel during a commercial break.
18. Advertisements never give true about products.
19. I never television commercials. I find them enjoyable.
20. I like watching if I am interested in the product.
21. Some ads are humorous and interesting enough to watch, but some of them are totally .
22. I stupid commercials are the most memorable.


Okuyup soruları cevaplayınız.

Can you imagine TV without commercials? Some of you don't like or even hate them. Some of you always complain about watching them on TV, but the recent study shows that viewers find television more enjoyable with commercials. They also think that commercials are helpful. Firstly, commercials are very important for TV stations because they make money from them. Thanks to this, people don't have to pay too much to watch TV. Secondly, commercials give you information about products, so they are quite helpful. Finally some commercials are humorous and clever. Their slogans are memorable and unique. Sometimes it's a good idea to watch commercial break. They can make you laugh and nothing gets your attention like a funny TV spot.

True or False?

1. According to the recent research, viewers never want to see commercials on TV.
2. Commercials are a good source for TV channels to earn money.
3. While you are watching ads, you never get necessary information about products.
4. All commercial slogans are the same.
5. Humor always attracts your attention.

Aşağıdaki cümlelerde (bazısı şimdiki zaman kalıbında olsa bile) gelecek zaman kullanılmış. Gelecek zaman kullanılmasının sebebini aşağıdaki tanımlardan bulunuz. Sadece bir harf yazacaksınız.

A. a prediction based on present evidence (delile dayalı tahmin)
B. an arrangement (ayarlama / düzenleme)
C. a general prediction about the future (geleceğe dair genel bir tahmin)
D. on-the-spot decision (o an verilen bir karar)
E. a promise
F. a future plan
6. The bus is leaving in 2 minutes. Stop looking at your phone. ⇒
7. It's Sue's birthday next week, so I'm going to buy her some DVDs. ⇒
8. I won't tell you what happened at the end of the movie. I promise. ⇒
9. This documentary is really boring. I will change the channel. ⇒
10. Look at the surfing gorilla in the movie. Oh, it's going to fall into the sea. ⇒
11. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time while we are watching La La Land (movie). ⇒
12. I'm off tomorrow. I'm going to zap through the channels all day. ⇒
13. I feel really tired. I won't watch tonight's episode of Teen Wolf. ⇒
14. I can't stay with you after school tomorrow. I'm watching my brother's rehearsal. ⇒
15. I hope social media will disappear in the future. ⇒

Complete the dialogue with will future or be going to future using the verbs in brackets.

16. Ken: What are your plans for this weekend Carla?
Carla: I (see) a new play on Saturday at the Odeon Theatre.
17. Ken: Have you bought the tickets yet?
Carla: Not yet, but I (buy) them this afternoon. Would you like to come?
18. Ken: Yes it would be very nice.
Carla: OK, I (buy) a ticket for you, too.
19. Ken: Great. What time does the play start?
Carla: At 8 o'clock.
Ken: That's fine. I (be) there around 7:15. Oh, one more thing. I've got no money at the moment.
20. I (pay) for the ticket on Saturday. Is that OK?
Carla: Yes, that's OK. No problem.

Choose the correct option.

21. Monica and Harry ............. married in the next episode. I learnt it from a magazine.
22. My son is always playing with his phone. He ............. his exams.
23. A: I can't find the remote control anywhere.
B: Don't worry I ............. you find it.
24. Be careful! You ............. the vase.
25. The popcorn and coke are ready for the movie night. We ............. Avengers.
26. A: Do you know what to buy your grandmother for her birthday?
B: Yes I ............. her a smartphone.
27. Don't take your friend's tablet without his permission or he ............. angry with you.
28. We have made all the arrangements and preparations for the school play. We ............. on Tuesday evening.