Teenwise Workbook Theme 10A

Teenwise Theme 10A Akıllı Tahta Sunumu


Boşluklara gelmesi gerekeni işaretleyin.

1. I like to ................. . It is the best place for the latest information around the world.
2. You should ................. to connect to your smartphone and to your laptop.
3. My grandma wants to ................. with the family members, but she doesn't know how to do it.
4. It's great to ................. . Now, I have a special group with my friends from primary school and we chat about good old days.
5. You can ................. to your mobile phone from the Internet and make your own playlist.
6. Sarah will prepare a project about safety at home. She has to ................. to get some information.

Boşlukları aşağıdaki ifadelerle doldurun.

7. My elder brother is always online and sends messages to his friends every second. My parents ................. him.
8. Sorry, but I ................. you. I think it is better to talk to people face to face.
9. It is difficult for me to ................. my smartphone. It makes things easier for me. I send e-mails and documents, take photos and even do my homework using it.
10. Is it a bad habit to ................. my phone when I wake up?
11. Fiona will ................. with her digital diet. She feels much happier and has a lot more time for her family and friends. keep in touch with
12. It's easy to ................. my friends using social media.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words

13. I've just moved to a new house and I don't have an internet ................. yet.
14. Can I ................. my laptop to your printer.
15. Social media helps us stay ................. with the rest of the world.
16. I started yoga classes six months ago. It became an ................. for me.
17. Lisa is a book ................. . When she reads a good book, she forgets to eat or sleep.


blankLaura: Hi Mr. Martinez. You know I'm here for my Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project. I'm going to prepare a presentation about 'digital footprints'.
Mr. Martinez: Welcome Laura. I hope I can help you with with your project.
Laura: I'm really grateful that you accepted my request. Well, can I start with my first question?
Mr. Martinez: Of course. I am all ears.
Laura: What does a digital footprint mean?
Mr. Martinez: It's the information about you on the internet. Whatever you do online you leave your digital footprint.
Laura: Can you explain it a little bit?
Mr. Martinez: Of course when you visit websites, share post, send messages or emails, you leave some information, I mean your footprints, behind you.
Laura: But we can clear this information if we want. I mean we can clear our posts or our history on computers.
Mr. Martinez: No, that's not true. Things are not always under your control. You can clear your post on your Facebook account, but your trace or footprint stays there forever. You must ask Facebook to clear your trace.
Laura: Interesting I didn't know that. I'll be more careful with my steps online. Next question- what can we do to have a good digital footprint?
Mr. Martinez: First, think twice before you share something. Next try to visit useful websites. They help your learning. And finally be respectful and use kind words. In short show your best side online.
Laura: Thank you for your help Mr. Martinez.
Mr. Martinez: You're welcome Laura
1. Read the interview between Laura and Mr. Martinez. What does Mr. Martinez do?

True or False?

2. Laura has to make a presentation for her biology class.
3. A digital footprint is the information about you on the internet.
4. Laura will be more careful when she uses the internet.
5. You can share anything you want for a good digital good footprint.
6. You should only visit websites about schools.
7. It's not important to be respectful to other people online.

Complete the sentences with the words below

all ears / traces / prepare / grateful / request
8. We were when she told us about digital footprints.
9. Thank you for accepting my friendship on Instagram.
10. I'm very that you like all my photos on Facebook.
11. You can clear your posts on Twitter but your will stay there forever.
12. I have to a report for my ICT class.


Aşağıdaki konuşmayı okuyun ve boşluklara will ya da won't yazın.


1. Olivia: What are you reading?
Daniel: I'm reading a magazine. It's about digital trends that change in the future.
2. Olivia: Well one thing is sure. We send text messages anymore.
3. We use text messages only for emergencies.
4. Daniel: No doubt about it. Messaging apps are more popular.
Olivia: And I think we share a taste or smell using our smartphones.
5. Daniel: No way I don't think things change that much.
6. Olivia: We wait and see.

Boşlukları will ya da won't kullanarak doldurun. Tüm cümleler aynı paragrafa aittir. İyimser bir paragraf olduğunu bilmeniz faydalı olacaktır.

7. In 2100, our lives be much better than today.
8. We live in peace
9. and there be any wars in the world.
10. We start to build cities on Mars
11. and some of us live there.
12. We use any fossil fuels
13. because scientists find new energy sources.
14. We have any classrooms or schools.
15. Students learn everything online.

Konuşmalardaki boşlukları will/won't + aşağıdaki fiillerden biriyle doldurun.

use / stop / call / happen / help / do / watch / tidy
16. A: Nina, your room is in a mess and you are in front of the computer again?
B: OK, mom. I promise I it today.
17. A: Are you ready to watch the Academy Awards online?
B: No. I my favorite documentary on TV.
18. A: Don't look at your phone, Steven!
B: I'm really sorry. It again.
19. A: Oh, hello Terry. I can't talk now. I'm at work.
B: Sorry, Vanessa. I you later.
20. A: I think there's a problem with my charger.
B: No problem. I mine. You can take it.
21. A: What are your plans for tonight?
B: I probably anything special. Just sit and watch a TV series.
22. A: Do you think people using social media?
B: I don't think so. We are all social media freaks.
23. A: I can't send these photos to my friends.
B: Don't worry Grandpa. I you.