Teenwise Unit 4-A Listening Exercises

Maggie and Albert are on a quiz show about tribes.

Test 1


Listen and choose the correct option for each sentence.

#1. Huli people paint their faces yellow.

#2. They wash the boys' hair with herbal water.

#3. The Maori play musical instruments and dance around the fire.

#4. They swim, dive, and go canoeing in the ocean.

#5. The Sioux ride horses and hunt buffaloes.

#6. They have hot water or electricity in their houses.


Test 2

Which tribes do the following activities? You can choose up to three answers. / Üç doğru cevap olabilir. Hepsini işaretleyin.
1. swimming
2. riding horses
3. go canoeing
4. dancing & singing
5. painting faces
6. climbing trees
7. washing hair