Present Simple or Present Continuous or Will or Going to When Talking about the future

Her bir cümlede italik kısımlardan hangisinin kullanılması gerektiğini işaretleyin.
1. We will send / are going to send the invitation cards this weekend.
2. I think Arnold is going to win / will win the game.
3. Michael and Brandon go / are going to Bill’s fancy dress party this evening.
4. The wedding ceremony starts / will start at 8 p.m. tomorrow.
5. My sister will study / is going to study physics at university.
6. We’ve bought the tickets. We are travelling / will travel to Rome next Friday.
7. The girls will probably make / are probably going to make the birthday cake for him.
8. Everything is ready. We will fly / are flying to Barcelona in three hours.
9. The Liverpool train leaves / will leave at 7:15 p.m. tomorrow.
10. Zoe and Andrew will get / are getting married next Saturday.