Dinleme – Three Phone Conversations


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#1. __________ John.

#2. May I ______________ Ann Baker?

#3. Hold on. I'll _______________ you.

#4. _____________________ Pamela?

#5. She is ______________ at the moment.

#6. Can I take a ____________________?

#7. Can you say that Sarah _______________________?

#8. I'll ____________________ later.

#9. In the first conversation, Peter is talking to

#10. In the second conversation, a student is talking to

#11. In the third conversation, Sarah is talking to

#12. What are they talking about in the first conversation?

#13. What are they talking about in the second conversation?

#14. What are they talking about in the third conversation?


Dinleme Metni


Peter : Hello. 793422.
John : Hello, Peter. This is John.
Peter : Hi, John. How are you?
John : Fine, thanks. And you?
Peter : All right. Did you have a nice weekend?
John : Yes. We went to see some friends. It was lovely. We had a good time.
Peter : Ah, good.
John : Peter, could you do me a favour? I’m playing tennis tonight, but my racket is broken. Could I borrow yours?
Peter : Sure, that’s fine.
John : Thanks a lot. I’ll come and get it in an hour if that’s OK.
Peter : Yes, I’ll be in.
John : OK. Bye.
Peter : Bye.


Receptionist : Good morning. International School of English.
Student : Hello, may I speak to Ann Baker, please?
Receptionist : Hold on. I’ll connect you.
Ann Baker : Hello.
Student : Hello. Can I speak to Ann Baker, please?
Ann Baker : Speaking.
Student : Ah, hello. I saw your advertisement about English classes in a magazine. Could you send me some information, please?
Ann Baker : Certainly. Can I just take some details? Could you give me your name and address, please?


Sarah : Hello. Is that Pamela?
Julie : No. She’s out at the moment. I’m her sister, Julie. Can I take a message?
Sarah : Yes, please. Can you say that Sarah phoned, and I’ll try again later. Do you know what time she’ll be back?
Julie : In about an hour, I think.
Sarah : Thanks. Goodbye.
Julie : Goodbye.