Count me in Workbook Theme 1 – 5A

How does it feel to be a high school student in China?

mopping the floor
taking a nap

In China, there are two exceptions to the general start of the day. Every day, five students clean the classrooms, so those students start their day at 7.00 am. They mop the floors and clean the campus before returning to class. The other exception concerns students that have performed badly at the previous exam. They start at 7.25 am. and read different subjects depending on their bad scores. However, in general, a school-day routine starts at 7.30 am. for a Chinese student. They sit at their desks for a reading session for 20 minutes. After that, students follow regular classes of 45 minutes. They take three classes before the first break. Then, from 10.10 am. till 12.10, they get two more classes before the lunch break. Their lunch break lasts up to 2.30 pm. but generally, students are encouraged to have naps at around 1 p.m. to keep in good shape. From 2.30 pm. to 5.45 pm. till the dinner break, they take four afternoon classes and the dinner break lasts up to 6.30 pm. And what is next? Students get back to their classrooms for ‘individual study’ at 6.30 pm. Some of them do homework while some get tutoring or take a few more classes. These classes finish at 11.00 pm. and they get to their dormitory. This is the usual Monday through Friday schedule. On Saturday, students finish school at 4.45 pm. and on Sunday, they start at 6.30 pm. so the weekend is not a very well known term for most Chinese high school students.



Soruları yukarıdaki parçaya göre ceveplayınız

#1. What time does a general school day start in China?

#2. What are their morning routines?

#3. How long does their lunch time last?

#4. How many breaks do they have in a day? ? lunch and dinner breaks included

#5. Are their school day routines different from yours?