Count me in Workbook Theme 1 – 4C ve 4D




Boşluklara gelecek en uygun ifadeyi seçiniz.

#1. 6.50: I wake up and __________________.

#2. 7.10: The bus arrives. I __________________ for about 10 minutes.

#3. 7.20: I get to school. The bus drops us off about 30 minutes before school starts and I either study for the next class or __________________ for an upcoming test at that time.

#4. 11.30: American Studies ends. And I __________________.

#5. 12.55: I go to Algebra, and I actually know that there's no test for this subject, so we don't __________________ studying for it.

#6. 1.50: After that, I go to Environmental Science and, once again, __________________.

#7. 2.40: School's over! I go home unless I have a club meeting. If I have a club meeting, I usually __________________ at around 4.30.

#8. 8.30: I usually __________________ at this time. Then, I go back to whatever I was doing before.

#9. 10.00: Technically, I must __________________ at 10 but generally I don't sleep by that time.



Aşağıdaki soruları yukarıdaki bilgilere göre cevaplayınız.

1. What grade is Nicholas Ross?
2. In which city does he attend school?
3. How does he go to school?
4. What time does he have lunch?
5. Do the students study much for Algebra?