Aitlik Zamirleri Testi (possessive pronouns)

Kırmızı harfle yazılmış kelimelerin yerine gelecek zamiri bulun.
1. It is not your car; it is my car.
2. They sold their house.
3. I cleaned my car and he cleaned his car.
4. This house is our house.
5. She borrowed her husband's phone because her phone is broken.
Kırmızı harfle belirtilmiş zamirlerin yerine gelmesi gereken kelime grubunu bulun.
6. Jim saved his money but Janet spent hers.
7. This is my pencil; that is yours.
8. I bought my shoes from Adana; Cemil bought his from Erzurum.
9. Our country is stronger than theirs.
10. Your country is smaller than ours.