Teenwise Themes 9-10 Review Test

Match the pictures with the party types.

3. blank
4. blank

Find the names of the shops.

5. You can buy sausages at the ............
6. You can buy vegetables at the ............
7. You can buy trousers at the ............
8. You can buy bread at the ............
9. You can buy magazine at the ............

Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs

10. Let's ......... the radio and listen to the weather forecast.
11. You had better ......... all the broken toys to make some space in your kids' room.
12. I searched the net to ......... about the life and works of Picasso.
13. If you ......... with the help of a nutritionist, you can safely lose weight.

Complete the sentences

14. After a tiring day, I go home and feel relaxed in my ......... armchair.
15. If you don't want to miss the train, ......... your handbag and leave home at once.
16. It's ......... to watch all the soap operas. The plot is so predictable.
17. I'm a fan of "Big Bang Theory". I love the sense of ......... of all the characters.
18. Our team is so strong. It will be ......... to win the match.

Complete the sentences with be going to and the verbs in brackets.

19. Sue (not invite) some of her friends to her party.
20. I (spend) all my money on my brother's present.
21. Mandy (do) shopping for the party.
22. Are you (write) the invitation letters this evening?
23. My mother and I (cook) before the party starts.

Put the words in order to make meaningful sentences (Cümle yapın)

24. calling / Jack / is / this (bu arayan Jack)
25. talk to / I / Allison /can /?
26. back / can / call / you / later / ?
27. busy / afraid / I / now / am / is / she / right
28. join / like / you / would / to / us /?

Change the given sentences into negative(-) or affirmative(+) form. "any" ve "some" değişimlerine dikkat!

There aren't any vegetables at home. (+) ⇒ There are some vegetables at home.
29. I'm going to cook some pasta for dinner. (-)
30. We need some sugar for this dessert. (-)
31. She isn't going to eat any fish today. (+)
32. There is some rice in the bowl. (-)

Aşağıdaki konuşmanın cümlelerinin sadece harflerini cevap bölümüne aralarında birer boşluk bırakarak doğru sırada yazınız.

33. a) Sure. How much would you like?
b) Here you are. That's £2.50.
c) How can I help you?
d) Tow cartons, please.
e) Have you got any daily milk?

Complete the sentences with will or won't and one of the verbs 

look / grow / sleep / pass / take
34. Don't worry about the exam. I'm sure you .
35. You should try on this jacket. It good on you.
36. Don't plant those flowers under the tree. They there. It's too dark.
37. I have eaten three pizzas this evening. I'm afraid I well look tonight.
38. A: The baby has a fever.
B: Don't worry. I her to the hospital.

Complete the sentences with will future or be going to future. Parantez içindeki fiilleri de kullanın.

39. A: What are your plans for this weekend?
B: I (meet) my old school friend.
40. A: Are you ready to order sir?
B: Hmm... OK. I (have) chicken with vegetables.
41. It's 10:15 a.m. and Nathan is still in bed. He (miss) the 10:30 train.
42. It's very hot here. I think I (turn on) the air conditioner.
43. A: You mustn't tell Sally anything about her birthday party. It must be a surprise.
B: OK. I will keep it secret. I (tell) her.
44. Have you heard the news? Lauren (move) to Madrid. She told me herself.