Teenwise Theme 7-8 Review Test

A. Choose the correct options

1. Sailor find their routes with the help of the .............. .
2. You can only see the .............. of the castle in the open air museum.
3. The .............. of the queen is made of marble.
4. They covered the ceiling of the .............. with colorful icons.
5. The archaeologists found the .............. of the king under a historical site.

B. Complete the sentences with the words and phrases below.

structures / craftsman / can't take their eyes off / homeland / location
6. Only a good can build beautiful buildings.
7. Historians want to see the heritages on their own .
8. Egypt is the of pharaohs and pyramids.
9. Most of the historical heritages are important .
10. The temple is so beautiful that the visitors it.

C. Choose the correct options.

11. When you have a rash on your skin, you should see a(n) .............. .
12. Jane fell off her bike and .............. her ankle.
13. The .............. has started to go down after the syrup. He feels much better now.
14. Nigel put on his .............. and then got on his motorcycle for a short tour.
15. It's not a good idea to .............. rough play around the swimming pool.
16. You can only get antibiotics when your doctor writes a .............. .
17. I think everybody should .............. the emergency numbers.

D. Complete the sentences with the correct expressions below.

keep your hands away / get back into / dry out / keep up with
18. Why don't you start pilates to shape?
19. When I use acne creams too much, they my skin.
20. You never your diet programme. Whenever I see you, you eat junk food.
21. If you don't want your acne to spread, you had better from your face.

E. Aşağıdaki cümleleri mantıklı bir diyalog oluşturacak şekilde sıraya koyun. İlk cümle "a". Cümleleri temsil eden harfleri cevap boşluğuna aralarında birer boşluk bırakarak yazınız.

a) What's wrong with you today? You look pale.
b) I couldn't sleep last night. My toothache is killing me.
c) Of course not. I'm afraid of going to the dentist.
d) Did you go to the dentist?
e) OK, I will. I don't want another sleepless night.
f) There's no escape. You should see a dentist before it's too late.

F. Complete the sentences with was / wasn't / were / weren't

23. James tired, so he didn't go to play football with is friends.
24. The book was too old and some parts easy to read.
25. The children ill, so they didn't go to school yesterday.
26. The journey enjoyable for me because I got lost.
27. Tina's parents were at home yesterday, so she lonely.

G. Complete the mail with the past forms of the verbs in brackets () (Tüm cümleler aynı paragrafa ait)

28. Dear Lena
Thanks for the tickets. I really (like) the Museum of the world heritage.
29. I (go) there with my sister.
30. We really (enjoy) the visit.
31. I (join) the tour for the statue section
32. but my sister (not want) to come with me.
33. I (prefer) to see the simulation part.
34. This morning I (chat) with Robin about the museum. He would like to visit there, too.

H. Complete the dialogue with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets () (Tüm cümleler aynı konuşmaya ait.)

35. Adam: How (be) your holiday?
36. Kyle: It (be) really good.
37. We (go) to India and saw Taj mahal.
38. Adam: How long did you (stay) there?
39. Kyle: Two weeks, but it (be) so nice that
40. we (not want) to come back.
Adam: Really? I want to see there too.

I. Fill in the gaps with should / shouldn't / have to / don't have to / doesn't have to / mustn't

41. Her eyes hurt all the time. She stop watching too much TV.
42. I wear a helmet and goggles at work. They are for my safety.
43. You eat and drink anything around the pool. It's the rule.
44. Kylie bring her own lab coat for her science class. She can use the ones in the lab.
45. Daniel always goes to school on an empty stomach. He leave home without having breakfast.
46. We get up early on Sunday. We don't work on that day.

J. Complete the sentences using the verbs in the present perfect (I have done). Yardımcı fiillerini yazmayı unutmayın.

not go / consult / cut / not finish / break / lose
47. Valerie her finger and it's bleeding.
48. I to school this week because I've got the flu and I feel weak.
49. Tim his arm and now it's in plaster.
50. Meg a lot of weight. She looks thinner and younger now.
51. Mr. and Mrs. Casey a nutritionist to go on a diet.
52. Ethan writing the report yet. He wants to complete it another day.