Teenwise Theme 3-4 Review Test

A. Choose the correct option

1. This book is a ________________ adventure story. I enjoy reading it.
2. John can't stand ________________ people. He never talks to them.
3. There is an ________________ smell in the room. Open the window, please.
4. Scuba diving is a ________________ activity. I love it.
5. Ellen likes ________________ clothes. She dresses differently.
6. Cycling is ________________. I prefer playing chess.
7. My father is a ________________ man. He is keen on writing poems.
8. I'm crazy about watching ________________ movies. I love action scenes.

B. Fill in the blanks using the correct words from the box.

earthquakes / oceans / beach / hill / desert / drought / tsunamis / island
9. It is very hard to find water in the . All you can see is sand.
10. Farmers don't get any crops during a(n) . They have hard times.
11. My friend lives on the large Japanese of Hokkaido. It's breathtaking.
12. Different types of fish live in the . I want to dive and film them.
13. A lot of people die during . Safety rules are important.
14. Their house is on the top of a(n) . Climbing is really tiring.
15. are large waves after earthquakes.
16. We like spending the day at the in summer.

C. Match the halves to make meaningful sentences. Cümlelerin diğer yarısını bulun.

17. Some people fail not because of misfortune
18. His ambition is just
19. Doctors tell people
20. I want to take up pilates
21. Brenda trains hard
22. It's very hot, so

D. Choose the correct options

23. To allow nature to take its course means
24. To be on the edge of one's seat means
25. To reach for the moon means

E. Put the words in the correct order (Herhangi bir noktalama işareti koymayın; soru işareti dahil)

26. never / early / Jane / wakes up
27. They / go on picnics / sometimes / in summer
28. she / play / the piano / Does / everyday / ?
29. you / the dog / Do / often / take / for a walk / ?
30. my teeth / I / before going to bed / always / brush

F. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Boşlukları parantez içindeki fiillerin doğru halleriyle tamamlayın. (geniş zaman)

(Bütün cümleler aynı paragrafa ait ve sıralı)

31. Henna (come) from Germany.
32. She (live) with her family in a flat.
33. In winter, it (get) dark very early and
34. it (snow) a lot.
35. Most people (love) skiing there.
36. Children (learn) to ski at a very young age.
37. In summer, they (ride) bikes
38. and (spend) most of the day outdoors.
39. Germany (be) a beautiful country.
40. Henna (enjoy) living there.

G. Parantez içindeki kelimeleri kullanarak örnekteki gibi soru cümleleri yazınız. Herhangi bir noktalama işareti kullanmayınız.

Örnek: Linda's brother drives fast. (your father) ⇒ Does your father drive fast?
41. David plays tennis everyday. (Jo)
42. Sarah cleans the house on Wednesdays. (Ann and Sue)
43. My grandmother watches TV in the afternoon. (the children)
44. I like dancing. (you)

H. Match the questions with the answers. Sorulara en uygun cevabı seçiniz.
Boşluğa sadece cevabı temsil eden harfi/şıkkı yazınız.

a) I usually go out and have a drink
b) In my wardrobe
c) In a small flat
d) No, she can't
e) Not very often
f) No, they don't
g) No. I usually walk to school.
h) At half past eight.
45. Can Daisy run quickly?
46. Do you take the bus to school every day?
47. What time do you start work?
48. What do you do in the evenings?
49. How often do you go to the theater?
50. Does Harry live in a house or a flat?
51. Do your parents swim regularly?
52. Where do you keep you clothes?

I. Put the lines in the correct order to make a dialogue.

Cümleleri bir konuşma oluşturacak şekilde doğru sıraya koyun. Sadece cümlelerin başındaki rakamları aralarında birer boşluk bırakarak yazın.

53. 1- A. Hmm. Actually, I want to talk with you about my grades. I need your help.
2- B. OK, then.
3- A. Why don't we have coffee after school.
4- B. How about meeting on Saturday.
5- A. Good idea.
6- B. Well, I'd love to, but I have other plans.
(ilk rakam 3)

J. Rewrite the sentences as in the example.

Cümleleri örnekteki gibi yani zarf kullanarak yeniden yazın. Noktalama kullanmayın!

Örnek: He is a good writer. ⇒ He writes well.

54. Mary is a slow runner.
55. They are clever players.
56. Matilda is a beautiful dancer.
57. He is a hard worker.
58. She is a bad singer.
59. My father is a careful driver.
60. She has a happy life.