Okuma – Hamit Bilimsel Test



#1. How did Hamit live when he was unemployed?

#2. Why does Mr. Tenceresel choose his friends from poor people?

#3. What is Hamit's job?

#4. Why was Hamit walking quickly when Mr. Tenceresel met him for the first time?

#5. Why was it impossible to imagine that Mr. Tenceresel was a robber?

#6. Why had Hamit leave university?


The young man was unemployed for five years. During that time, he was taken care of by some friends but they had grown tired of him. On a cold Friday morning he met me, his boss, since then.

My name is Hulusi Tenceresel. I am the owner of an enormous company. Because I was fed up with my rich friends, I’ve chosen all my friends from among my employees since 1989. The young man I’m talking about here is Hamit Bilimsel. He started his career as a whale expert 3 years ago in my company.

On a Friday morning I met him on a bridge near London. He was poorly dressed and seemed to be in a hurry to arrive at a certain meeting. As I learned later, that wasn’t the fact. Actually, he had been walking so quickly so that he could feel warm. I don’t know why but suddenly I decided to stop him.

“Hello young man; I know it sounds absurd but I’d like to know you. Can you tell me your story please?”

He looked quite confused. Perhaps he thought I was intending to rob him although I was so richly dressed that such an intention could not be imagined.

“Well sir, I don’t know you either but I think you can help me. Can we go to a warm place first?”

So, I took him to a café and ordered a soup for him. As soon as he had finished it, he started to speak.

“I was a pupil of Professor Osman Höcüklülü. He liked me very much as I had been hard working and successful. However, some students grew jealous of me. Abraham, one of them, threatened me. He said he was going to poison me like a dog. Another one of them hired a giant to kill me.

I ignored them, of course, and carried on successfully.

One day, however, Professor called me. He criticized me severely. Then he told me to apologize to Abraham. I left the room angrily because this was unfair. After sometime I left the university, too. Since then I’ve been with some friends who pretend to be happy with me but I feel that they have grown tired of me. I don’t want to disturb them anymore so please help me.”

I agreed.