Karşılaştırma Sıfatları Testi 5

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets. / Cümlelerdeki boşlukları parantez içindeki kelimeleri comparative/superlative biçimde kullanarak doldurunuz. Ek kelime kullanmak gerekiyorsa kullanınız.
1. Their house is (large) than ours.
2. Repairing your laptop is (cheap) than buying a new one.
3. Snowboarding is one of (challenging) sports.
4. His daughter’s marks are (good) than his son’s.
5. My father’s grandfather is (old) person in our family.
6. Alexander is (popular) than Stephen.
7. Mel is (interesting) girl I’ve ever met.
8. Is Italy (sunny) than England?
9. Who’s (talkative) student in your class?
10. Tommy is (talented) boy I know.
11. You’re (thin) me.
12. Adrian is (intelligent) boy at our school.