Edilgen Testi 11

How to cook rice - Chinese Style
Parantez içindeki fiili kullanın ve cümleyi edilgen olacak şekilde tamamlayın. / Use the
correct form of the verbs in brackets to fill in the gaps.
1. First, we need two glasses of water. The water (pour) into a large pot.
2. Second, one teaspoonful of salt (sprinkle) into the water.
3. Third, the water (boil).
4. Next, one glass of rice (rinse) in cold water,
5. and the rice  (add) into the boiling water.
6. Then, one spoonful of butter (put) into the pot.
7. After that, a wooden spoon  (use) to stir, but stir only once.
8. If you over-stir, the rice becomes sticky. The pot (cover),
9. and the heat (turn) down.
10. Let the rice simmer for about fifteen minutes. Finally, the pot (remove) from the stove,
11. and the rice (allow) to steam in the pot for about five more minutes. Your rice is ready to eat.