The Donkey, The Fox, and The Lion – Hikaye ve Test

A donkey and a fox became friends and started to walk together in order to find food. They walked together for some time and then they saw a lion. They were both frightened. But the fox made a plan. He went up to the lion and whispered in his ear, “I will help you to kill and eat the donkey without getting tired. But you must promise to let me go free”. The lion agreed to this plan. Then the fox went back to the donkey, whispered in his ear, and led him into a pit.
This pit was a trap for wild animals and it was dug by a hunter. The donkey jumped into the pit. The lion saw that the donkey was in the pit and could not get out of it. So, he jumped onto the fox and killed and ate him first. He could eat the donkey later because it was waiting in the pit.

If you betray a friend, you will ruin yourself

#1 Why were the donkey and the fox walking?

#2 Why did the fox betray the donkey?

#3 Why did the donkey go into the pit?

#4 Who did the lion eat first? Why?




The Poor Man and The Swallow – Hikaye ve Test

Once upon a time, there was a rich man. He spent all his money carelessly and became a poor man. He had no money, no home, nothing. He only had his old clothes. One day in early spring he saw a Swallow. He thought that summer had come, and that he didn’t need his coat. So, he sold it.
However, a change took place in the weather. There came a sharp frost. It killed the unfortunate Swallow. When the poor man saw the dead swallow he said, “Poor bird! You died of cold and I am going to die of cold myself because of you.”

One swallow does not make summer.

#1 How did the rich man become poor?

#2 Why did he think that summer had come?

#3 Why did he sell his coat?

#4 When did he know that he should not have sold his coat?




The Peacock and the Crane

A Peacock laughed at a Crane. She said, “Your feathers are dull. Look at my brilliant feathers. They are finer (=more beautiful) than your poor feathers.” The Crane replied, “I agree that your feathers are much finer than mine; but when it comes to flying, I can soar into the clouds, whereas you always walk on earth like a hen.”

The Fisherman and the Little Fish – Hikaye ve Test

A fisherman cast his net into the sea. When he drew it, there was only a little fish in it.
The little fish begged the man, “Please put me back into the water. I am only a little fish now but I will grow big one day. Then you can catch me again and you will have a big fish to eat.” But the fisherman replied, “Oh, no, I will keep you now because I have got you: if I put you back in the water, will I catch you again? No.” So he took the fish home, cooked it, and ate it.

#1 What else did the fisherman catch?

#2 Why did the little fish ask the fisherman to put it back into water?

#3 What happened to the fish in the end?

#4 Why didn’t the fisherman put the little fish back into the water?




The Fox and the Goat – Hikaye ve Test

A fox fell into a well and could not get out again. Soon a thirsty goat came, and he saw the fox in the well. He asked him, “Is the water good?” The Fox said, “Good? It’s the best water I ever tasted in all my life. Come down and try it yourself.” The goat only thought of drinking water because he was very thirsty. So, he jumped in at once. He drank water. When he finished drinking, he wanted to get out of the well but could not get out. Then, the fox said, “I have an idea. You stand on your hind legs; put your forelegs against the side of the well. Then, I will climb on to your back.
Then I will step on your horns, and get out. When I am out, I will help you out, too.” The goat agreed with the fox. He did what the fox asked, and the fox climbed on to his back, stepped on his horns, and got out of the well. Then he walked away. The goat called after him and said, “You promised to help me!” The fox replied, “If you were clever enough, you wouldn’t have got into the well without making certain that you could get out again.”
Look before you jump.

#1 Who went into the well first?

#2 Why did the goat go into the well?

#3 How did the fox get out of the well?

#4 Who helped who?

#5 What was the goat’s mistake?




The Shepherd and the Wolf – Hikaye ve Test

A shepherd was tending his flock near a village. He was bored and he wanted to have fun; he made a plan; he would play a trick on the villagers. How? He pretended that a wolf was attacking the sheep. So, he shouted out, “Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is attacking the sheep!” People in the village heard him. They came running, and the shepherd laughed at them. The villagers were frustrated. Then, on another day, the shepherd was bored again. He decided to play the same trick. He began shouting, “Help! A wolf is attacking the sheep!” The villagers heard him. They hesitated for a moment for they thought it could be a trick again.
But they could not risk the sheep. So, they came running again but there was no wolf. One day, a wolf really came and the shepherd cried, “Wolf! wolf!” But this time people didn’t believe him. They thought he was playing another joke. So they did not go to help him. And things were very easy for the wolf; he killed all the sheep one by one without a hurry. The villagers were very angry with the shepherd. They fired him (=he lost his job as a shepherd).
You cannot believe a liar even when he tells the truth.

#1 What did the shepherd do to have fun?

#2 Why did the villagers run to the flock?

#3 Why were the villagers frustrated?

#4 Why did the villagers believe the shepherd again?

#5 Why didn’t the villagers go to the shepherd when the wolf came?

#6 What happened to the shepherd in the end?

#7 What happened to the wolf?




The Donkey and His Burdens – Hikaye ve Test

A poor man had a donkey. One day he went to the town and bought a lot of salt. He loaded the donkey with the salt. It was a heavy load. On the way home, the donkey stumbled while he was crossing a stream and fell into the water. The salt got wet and most of it melted. So, when the donkey stood up, his load was much lighter. However, the man took him back to the city. He bought more salt and loaded it up on the donkey again.
When they reached the stream, the donkey lay down in it and then stood up, and his load was lighter again. But the man understood the trick. He turned back to the city again but this time he bought a lot of sponges, and put them on the donkey. When they came to the stream, the donkey lay down again, but now the sponges soaked a lot of water, and when the donkey got up, his burden was heavier than ever.

#1 Why did the man go to the town?

#2 What happened on the way back home?

#3 Why was the load much lighter when the donkey got out of the water?

#4 Why did the donkey go into the stream again?

#5 What did the man buy the last time they went into the city?

#6 Why was the donkey’s load much heavier after he went into the stream for the last time?




The Oak and the Reeds – Hikaye ve Test

There was an oak tree on the bank of a river. One day a hard wind blew. It uprooted the tree and threw it to the other side of the river. The oak fell among some reeds by the water, and said to them, “You are very weak and thin but the storm did you no harm,
whereas I am very strong but the storm uprooted me and threw me into the water. How can this be?” The reeds replied, “You were stubborn. You fought against the storm but it was stronger than you. But we bow and yield to winds. So, the storm did us no harm”


#1 Where was the oak tree?

#2 What did the wind do to the tree?

#3 Why was the tree surprised?

#4 Why did nothing happen to the reeds?




The Slave and the Lion – Hikaye ve Test

A slave ran away from his master who was a cruel man. He went to desert because he was afraid that they might catch him. While he was walking in search of food and shelter, he came to a cave. He entered the cave and found that it was empty. However, it was a lion’s cave. Soon the lion came to the cave too. The man was very afraid. He thought that this was the end of his life. But, the lion did not jump on him or eat him. Instead, he walked up to the man like a little cat. The man was surprised. The lion was crying and showing his paw. The man saw that the paw was swollen and red, and there was a big thorn in it. He removed the thorn and cleaned and covered the paw. In time, the paw healed completely. The lion’s gratitude was limitless. They became good friends and shared the cave. One day, however, the slave wanted to be among people, and he said goodbye to the lion and returned to the town. But they recognized him in town, chained him and took him to his master. The master wanted to show everyone that runaway slaves would have a terrible end. So, he would throw him to wild animals at the arena.
On the fatal day, animals ran to the arena. Some of the animals were big lions. Then they threw the slave into the arena. A big lion walked toward the slave. Everybody thought that the lion would kill the slave. But the lion didn’t kill the slave because he was his old friend of the cave! The spectators were surprised and they shouted that the slave should be free. The Emperor agreed with them as he was also surprised at the lion’s gratitude and fidelity. He ordered that both the lion and the slave receive their freedom.


#1 Why did the slave run away from his master?

#2 What shelter did the slave find after running away from his master?

#3 What was the lion’s problem?

#4 Why was the lion grateful (=thankful) to the slave?

#5 Why did the slave leave the cave?

#6 What happened to the slave in the town?

#7 Why did the master throw him to the arena?

#8 Why didn’t the lion kill the slave in the arena?

#9 Why did the emperor set them free?




The Apes and the Two Travellers – Hikaye ve Test

Two men were travelling together. One of them never told the truth. The other never told a lie. On their way, they came to the land of apes. The King of the Apes heard of their arrival, and he ordered, “Bring the travelers before me!” He wanted to impress them with his magnificence. So, he received them sitting on his throne. When the travelers came in, he asked them a question, “What do you think of me as a king?” The lying traveler said, “Sire, you are a most noble and mighty king.”
The king of apes was very happy with this answer and he gave a very nice present to the lying traveler. The other traveler thought that if the king rewarded his friend for his lies, he would give him a greater reward for telling the truth. So, when the king asked, “And what is your opinion?” He replied, “I think you are a very fine Ape.” However, the king got very angry with this answer and ordered the apes to kill him.

#1 What were the two men doing?

#2 What did the first traveller never tell?

#3 Where did they arrive on their way?

#4 Why did the king order the travellers before him?

#5 What question did the ape king ask the travellers?

#6 Why did the king give the first traveller a nice present?

#7 What did the second traveller expect the king to do in return for his answer?

#8 Why did the king kill the second traveller?