Okuma – Been walking

28 Haziran 2020 ile hasan

Tom and Jiminy have come from a walk. They are panting. Their mother opens the door for them.


Mother: Oh boys, what has happened to you? Why are you so tired and dirty?

Tom: We have been walking for two hours. Jiminy fell into a ditch and I brought him out. It was very tiring.

Jiminy: No. Tom is lying, mom. I didn’t fall into the ditch. It was Tom who fell and I brought him out of the ditch.

Mother: Anyway. Come in and go to the bathroom. Quick.

Half an hour later their father comes home.


Father: Hello everyone. The house smells so fine and boys look wet.

Mother: That is because the boys have had a shower. They went walking and one of them fell into a ditch and the other helped him out. I don’t know which one because they both claim that the other fell.

Father: Well, it doesn’t matter who fell as long as they are both well.

Tom: We are well, father.

It is the evening now. They have just had dinner and now they are drinking tea.

Father: I haven’t gone for a walk for a long time. You know I am always busy. How about going for a walk tomorrow together?

Mother: I don’t like the idea. Walking makes you tired and dirty.

Father: But it is good for health. We need it.

Mother: Well, I have lived in this town for 20 years and I have never gone for a walk. Yet I am quite healthy.

Tom: That is because you are always busy cleaning the house. Doing housework is your exercise. You don’t need any other. But walking is our only exercise. We are always at home either playing video games or studying. It is not healthy.

Father: Tom is right.

Jiminy: Then the three of us should go walking. Mother is always doing sports.

They all laughed.

The next morning at eight o’clock. Father is up and is calling the boys.

Father: Come along boys. Aren’t you ready for a walk yet?

Tom: But father, we haven’t had breakfast.

Father: You can have breakfast when we have returned.

Then the boys hastily get prepared and leave home with the father. Three hours later they come back and knock the door. Mother opens the door.


Mother: I told you that walking makes you tired and dirty. Look at you.

Jiminy: It is quite natural, mom. We have been walking for two hours.

Mother: But why are you dirty, all three of you?

Tom: Father fell into the ditch this time.

Father: It is true. I fell and the boys tried hard to bring me out.

Then they go to the bathroom one by one.